Darkest Before Dawn ONLINE

I’ve finally posted the film online please click to view:

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Finalists announced

Well… the finalists have been announced and there was that glint of disappointment when I didn’t see our team name on it… but on the other hand I was happy of where we had got to… I mean… runner up for heat 1 Wellington Audience Award? That’s AWESOME! Hehe. So yeah, next year, we’ll do BETTER!!! YEAH!!! So I’d say my good luck to all of you who are in the finals… I’ll try to make an effort to go to the finals… I’d love to see other people’s work… and also to set the standard for our next year’s film :)Hehe… anyway… me and some of the team members have already been talking about taking up some other movie projects… so I’m looking forward to work together with them again… it was such an awesome experience! :)

Our entry for 48 Hours Furious Film Making Competition 2007



People gave me the look whenever I turned up as a representative of the team coz I’m not a redhead nor a blonde…. hehe… and plus the team had 9 guys and 2 girls… so yeah, the logo didn’t really show that, but oh well, that’s the point :)

Title: Darkest Before Dawn


To be honest when I see this it looks like a vampire horror movie… but since this is a coming out of the shell theme, I decided that the period before that is as dark as anything horror… therefore… it came like this :)

Genre: Romance / Coming of Age

City: Wellington

Duration: 05 minutes 39 seconds

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Shot with: Canon XL2

Something Fishy….

Okay… I think all of us were too tired to remember anything about this little important element that was in our short for 48 hours… so here’s the story…

Later on today, Cameron called from the office upstairs, saying something about throwing out something… I couldn’t hear what he said… until I started to smell something pretty bad… and then I found out what he was trying to say “We really need to throw that fish out”… and I was like…..  “What fish???”…. d’oh!!! “That fish we used for the 48 hours!”. OMG!!!! We totally forgot that the fish was still in the fridge!!!! And now the upstairs office stunk pretty bad… *I feel really really really bad about it*… but after the fish was thrown out it’s okay now… so hopefully tomorrow it’s fine… though I’m soooo not looking forward to clean the fridge…. LOL!!!!!! OH WELL…..

The fish


Finally… after all night and morning waiting for it… the reviews from last night screenings of the 48 hours first heat are finally on the forum!!!! I was sooooo NERVOUS to read the review on our movie… but I’m glad I had the guts to read it… because we got 4/5 for overall rating (external reviews, btw)… they liked the movie!!!! OMG I’m soooooooooooo HAPPY… I was so happy, I swear I almost cried!!! I’m glad many people like the movie too. But yeah, then for the next few hours after I read the reviews, I couldn’t stop smiling… hahaha! :)

So here are the reviews on our movie:

Review by Dean

“Darkest Before Dawn”
Coming of Age

An emo teen struggles to come to terms with his identity, amid parents who don’t understand him, etc. This one worried me at the start, with the OTT counsellor making me wonder what we were about to go through, but once the main story kicked in, it surprised me by instantly becoming a hilarious exploration of emoism, which also linked in really well with the hyperchondria. The lead teen actor was great and the well-written dialogue had many killer lines scattered throughout. Maybe I should’ve seen the ending coming, but I didn’t, and I had a moment of “Of course!”. Rad. 4/5
Review by steelpotato

2RhAB (Two Redheads and a Blonde) (Romance or Coming of Age) – DARKEST BEFORE DAWN

This was a great entry about Jerry Reed, the self-help speaker giving their story of where they came to be with some excellent production values. Making Jerry an emo the team had a lot of great material, such as drinking coffee for “hours, or maybe minutes” but “at least I wasn’t a ginga” and when talking about a medical term apologising for the fact they didn’t know it’s name because they were cutting themselves in bio class rather than paying attention. The rope was used really well as they just stood being depressed when the parents thought maybe he’d like to be a cowboy and he got dressed up as such. The big payoff in the end was that they had grown from being an emo…to a goth (Jerry played by two different actors).4/5


I must say there are a lot of talent out there who did the 48 hours… there were 2 movies in our heat last night that really caught my attention with their excellent cinematography and production value, and also on their braveness *two thumbs up!* I had goosebumps. I read the second day heats reviews and a lot of them are excellent reviews! I regret that I didn’t go to the heats last night! :( I really wanted to see some of them.

Post 48hours tweaking

It’s a shame that we couldn’t get our final FINAL movie in for the hand in… but, that didn’t stop us from finishing the movie and tweak here and there for our own use anyway… hehehe… so I spent some times in editing the final FINAL version of “Darkest Before Dawn” after the hand in and tweaked the audio here and there… and the more I work on it, the more I realized on how many stuff that still needed to be fixed!!! Hahahaha!!! Oh well….. so…. when the video is posted online, it would be our intended version instead of the handed in version :)


After shooting for the whole weekend, stressing in the last few hours, endured a seat gripping ride in the van, and sprinted up the hill to the hand in like our lives depends on it, TWO REDHEADS AND A BLONDE made it to the hand in desk with 8 minutes to spare! :)

I LOVED the experience and I had the BEST team to work with throughout my whole film-making experiences. No argument, everyone was commited, and very easy going… and to our surprise, the weekend went very stress-free (until that last minute problems with the computer… that was a little too close to comfort). But I think we all did very well… most team members had more than 3-4 hours of sleep each night… although a couple of us had probably about 6-7 hours of sleep in total in that 48 hours. And we had 3 meals a day and some light drinking at the end of the day too to unwind! So I think we went VERY well! :)

Look forward to it next year!


Day 03 – the finish line

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Production Diary 


  • shoot cowboy scene
  • shoot CD store scene
  • shoot noose /lasoo scene
  • re-shoot closeups, counseling group scene
  • final edit
  • foley, soundtrack recording
  • export to mini DV/DVD at worst case scenario
  • check paperwork
  • get the tape to Pirie St
  • pack out
  • PARTY!!!!


  • Level 3 (shoot & re-shoot)
  • Dan’s backyard (cowboy scene)
  • front level 1 (CD store scene)
  • level 1 (editing suite, foley)


Things went really well during the shoot, but trouble was to get the PC working the way I wanted it (no crashing)… although I already had 2 hours allowance for delay because of crashes, it still didn’t cut it. We didn’t get the colour effects done because we wouldn’t have time to render it. Export via firewire also didn’t work.

8 minutes to spare was a really late hand in, my target was to be finished by 5 or at least start final render/export by 5.30, but then again, can’t really do anything when technology fails on you. So… we’re glad that we got it in on time.


We were behind schedule thanks to the machine… but hey we SURVIVED and that’s the main thing! :) We had lots of fun during the weekend and definitely learned lots of stuff and definitely had strengthen our team bonds. So that’s awesome!!!! Thanks a lot guys! :)

My Diary 

I don’t think I need to say it… but gosh we were late (again)… Found it sooooo hard to wake up!!! Luckily by the time we got there everyone was still having coffee and getting ready for the shoot. I can’t remember what time it was, but I remember it was breakfast time coz my tummy was protesting… lol… so we went to Shell to get a little breakfast while Dan, Cameron, Kelly and Matt went out to get the cowboy shoot done. Jacob went home to freshen up. After  breakfast I rushed to my editing machine again to polish the rough edit and get exact time lapses for the re-shoot, while Cory went to crash on the bed on level 3 for about an hour.

Around 8.30am I heard noises coming from the workshop and followed by a familiar laugh… Symon, Jackie and Mark were in (they were working that weekend)…  and of course, I got commented on my ‘zombie’ look from the lack of sleep and stressed out because the machine started to crash on me.

By the time the rest of production crew came back, Jacob was already ready in the studio with his electric guitar and all other equipment I wasn’t familiar with. The cowboy scene looked awesome!!!! Especially when Matt started dishing out that tear!!! That was awesome! After knowing exactly what to re-shoot I started to txt everyone else to come over for the shoot. Meanwhile, Dan and Cameron were shooting the CD store scene. I was digging up my old artwork for something that would be suitable for a CD cover. And luckily I found one of my experimental piece that I haven’t touched for quite awhile… when Cory said it looked suitable for the set, I did a little fixing here and there before printing it out and slipped it on as a CD cover…. and now that artwork was also the DVD cover for this short and also the background image for DVD menu. And we also had a little discussion on what the title should be… it was quite a hard decision… we even did a draw out of cowboy hat that was filled with random words that associate to the short. But in the end we went with “Darkest Before Dawn” taken from a line in the movie, which really suits the genre, story and even the CD cover.

After all the shoots were done… it was crunch time for me!!! I started to get really stressed out when the computer crashed twice within ten minutes. And the third time it crashed, it corrupted 3 versions of files… I was going nuts!!!!! So angry that I really really really want to put a friggin’ hole in the machine!!!! Luckily Cameron came to the rescue and Dan took me outside for fresh air… while Cam took over the edit suite and did some more polishing…. one more minute in the studio, that machine was going down!!!! So I went for a little walk down to nearby cafe with Cory to get some lunch. And what do you know… they had my favourite “Funky Salmon Stack”!!! I haven’t had it for sooo long coz everytime I go the always ran out :( Hehehe…

But Dan had to leave the car keys in the car… so Cameron and Jacob was trying to break into Dan’s car… so… if we count it… how many cars did we break into this weekend??? Hehehe… yeah… *Ferg’s abandoned car included*

Feeling refreshed, I went back to the editing… *thanks Cam*. Jacob and Matt started to make music… so I had this angry music in the background which really fueled my concentration towards the movie somehow… so that was good… and Pat was sitting behind me to remind me every few minutes to safe the file just in case in crashed again… but of course it did!!!! Urgh!!!! Oh well… fired it up again and re-boot…. boy I felt so sorry for the boys coz I bet they’ve never heard soooo much loud swearing coming from me… hahahahaha… of course I was swearing at the machine.

It was nearing to 6pm when Jacob and Matt finsihed recording the soundtrack (with a few interruption from my swearing *sorry about that*). But I love the soundtrack!!!! Hahaha!!! It suits the movie! So for the next 20 minutes I had almost the whole team behind me cheering every so often while I put the soundtrack and sound effect into the movie. I have to say that I started to get that itch I always get whenever I’m almost finish with my projects…. so I couldn’t stop twitching and tapping away… hahaha!

By 6.20pm we were ready to export the movie. It was such a pity that we couldn’t get the colour effects done… but if we did it we wouldn’t have enough time to render (thanks to the crashes!!! ARGH!!!!). Then we were faced with a new nightmare… the computer refused to spit video into the mini DV tape!!!!! So after the 2nd try, we tried to export through Dan’s camera… it looked promising at first because at least it stated “recording”… but it had no image… so there goes our option! Worst case scenario, we decided to burn into DVD without wasting anymore time.. and that was the longest wait ever!!!!

As soon as the DVD was ready, I took the label and Dan ran the DVD into the workshop to get it tested, while Jacob got the van ready to take some of us to the hand in. Thank God it worked!!!!  So Matt, Pat and I jumped into the van with Jacob… I went on the back seat *BIG mistake*. I literally travelled from one end of the van to another!!!!! So struggling to stay still!!! But somehow I was grateful I wasn’t sitting on the front seat coz I knew I would have nightmare from then on if I have to go into the van with Jacob again… hahaha! We were 10 minutes away from the deadline when we finally got to the bottom of Pirie St. Halfway through, we got stuck by traffic and Jacob yelled out “Bail!!!” so we all went out of the van and started sprinting like our lives depend on it to the top of the hill… passing the envelope with our movie and paperwork in it from one person to another. I honestly thought I was going to be sore tomorrow because of that sprinting… I didn’t even know I could run that fast!!!! Hahaha!!!!

At 6.52pm Matt made it to the hand in desk!!!! Yeeha!!!! Sooooo happy!!!! Of course we cracked open the beer and waited until the countdown.  I saw Preston and Guido there again… and had the chance to catch up with them. That 20 seconds countdown was quite a suspense… especially seeing people who were still running to get their movies handed in… I felt really sorry for the guy who got to the door when we just reached the countdown to 0… coz it was too late for him…. so I was just glad that we got our movie in on time.

After finishing our beer, we went back to help the others pack out… oh geez… the place was a total mess!!! Hahaha!!!! But we had a lot of fun… so the mess was totally worth it!!! We even had our own screening at the editing studio, fired the movie off onto the projector and watched it on a (slightly) bigger screen… hehehe… at the end of the day… we were all satisfied with the result… now all I had to do was just to tweak some things in the movie and make the final and intended version of “Darkest Before Dawn”… :)

Although I’m a little scared after picking up sooo many cans of V… hmmm… yeah… well… the photo below wasn’t all of it yet… lots of them had already gone to the rubbish bag or the bin… talk about caffeine overload!

V mountain

But of course, the celebration didn’t stop with beer and viewing… Cory and I went to have a Korean dinner!!! YUMMY!!! I thought after that manic weekend and lots of unhealthy eating and lots of cans of V’s, our tummies deserved something yummy… hehehhee…

Well… we’re calling it an early night… too tired to stay awake… plus I have to wake up early tomorrow to go to work :(… hahahaha…. I had a wonderful weekend… thank you all :) *fingers crossed for the viewing*

NITE NITE!!! zzzzzzz…… zzzzzzz…. zzzz…..

Day 02 – the shoot

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Day 2 Production Diary

Location: the office level 3, garage

Crew call @ 7.30am


  • finish setting up
  • shoot bedroom, lounge, counseling group, doctor, counseling session, samurai and fish scenes
  • sound recording (narration)
  • capture all footage
  • bulk edit video
  • edit audio
  • finish rough edit
  • plan reshoot


  • level 3 (bedroom, lounge, counseling group scenes)
  • garrage (samurai scenes)
  • level 1 (counselor, Dr. Emo scenes)
  • level 1 quiet room (sound recording)


We were lucky to have a beautiful day outside! Although it was too bad that we couldn’t shoot cowboy scene in time before the sun went down.

Make up was beautifully done by Kelly (awesome!!!) and I learnt that having my hair straightener with me wasn’t a bad thing :) Hehe.

Set up and shoot went very well. *Well done guys!*


We were still behind schedule, but I was so happy that we were finished shooting by 11.30pm. And that the rough edit was finished before the sun came up :) Haha! *Two thumbs up for the teamwork* Everyone worked together very well and efficiently.

I must say… we did GREAT!

My Diary 

Okaaaaaay…… it wasn’t really a great way to start our day… but we woke up LATE!!!! I remembered my alarm went off at 6.30am and still remembered Cory mentioning about making breakfast…. BUT… when I actually got up to look at the time, it was 7.20am already!!!!!!! We must’ve gone back to sleep without realizing it…. so… pretty much no more time wasted, we got ready right away and called for taxi. I didn’t even have time to do my hair, so I grabbed my cap and put my hair straightener in my bag (can’t forget that!). Luckily things were already prepared before we went to bed, and it’s a good thing that I live in town… not too far away from work and given it was weekend, the streets were clear from traffic :)

We got there about 10 minutes late… and not everyone was there yet… *phew* Kelly joined us later on and was introduced to the rest of us… and her Mum, Kathee came along and offered us help… we were very lucky to have her helping us. She ended up going around to get us breakfast, hair gel (for emo look), rings (for the goth part), cowboy equipment (for the cowboy camp scene) and also provided us with medical books (for the hypochondria part).

So, last night we didn’t completely finish the setup so this morning we went to make the bed (note: there’s no bed scene in the movie, btw, just in case you’re wondering). We used black drape as bed sheet/cover and thanks to Jacob’s pillows with their red pillow cases, the bed looked awesome! Totally emo! Hehe… I can’t remember who put the blank black poster in the background but that looked stunning! While Kelly was getting the actors ready with make up, the rest of us helped setting up the first scene to shoot. It was a little hard making Matt’s hair look emo since he has short hair… so… lucky I had my hair straightener with me! It didn’t only rescue my hair, but also rescue the actors’ hair! Hahahaha! So then we had emo look :) I was planning/beatscripting for the shoot while also waiting for Cameron to turn up. He was sick *sorry, Cam, I think you got it from me and Jemma*. But he turned up later on and stayed on for the day *two thumbs up*.

And of course my wooden katana didn’t stay put! Luckily I didn’t bring my broadsword as well or we’d have a sword fight in the house! Hahaha! SO yeah, Patrick the samurai was dressed in my modernized “hakama” (yeah, I couldn’t find my actual hakama… I’m sure it’s somewhere in one of the boxes at home… haha!)… lucky he could fit in that pants and good thing is that the pants looked like a hakama somehow… and with the full costume, he looked like someone who just jumped out of the movie “The Matrix” HAHAHAHA!! Well.. don’t know who, but just looked like he was.

We totally used the space on level 3 to the max! Not only we used the space for bedroom, we used it for lounge (dinner scene), looking through books scene, and also the counseling group scene *correct me if I’m missing any scenes here*. So yeah… can imagine the mess there… hahaha!

Around 1ish (I think) we stopped to have an hour lunch break… by that time I think we were doing great. Yes, we were still behind schedule,  but not by far. After lunch I started the footage capture from our half day shoot, which took less than an hour.

From level 3, we moved to the garage at the back to shoot the fish and samurai scenes. I really really really hate that construction that was going on nearby coz we could hear the banging. Argh! But we only had one take on the samurai scene because it involved getting Matt’s tshirt wet… and it went great! Sound was perfect, the scene was perfect! So we were glad that was over. We moved on to inside the garage for the fish scene… now I really have to say that I felt really sorry for Patrick coz he had to hold the fish and it smells… hahahaha… yeah…. *ouch*. Not to mention that we stayed there for sooooo long coz of that banging noise from the construction nearby… grrrr… and it was cold inside the garage, and we were loosing the sunlight with one more outdoor scene (cowboy camp) to shoot. So after we finished with the garage scenes, we went back to help setup the counseling group scene. Which wasn’t too complicated and it needed less dressing up than the rest of the scenes.

By 8.45pm we had our dinner break. It was almost 2 hour  behind schedule… but at least we still had dinner. Burgerfuel really fill my tummy that by the time I got back for shoot, I was actually feeling kinda sick coz I was too full… hahahaha!

The counseling scene was pretty straight forward… but we ended up being on screen… hahaha! Yeah… Dan and Cameron had to put make up on to be emo… HAHAHA!!! Sorry but I soooooo can’t stop the jaw dropping moment when I actually saw Cameron in his full make up for his Dr. Emo scene. LOL!!!! I was downstairs by then being the “Mum” for the counselor and doctor scene. When it was Cam’s time to be on camera we had to stop every once in awhile just to laugh coz he just look… hmm… scary in a way but so funny seeing him in that make up… *sorry don’t know how to explain it* hahaha… (good job on the make up, Kelly! Lovin’ it!). And Cam really suit the part too! Hahaha!

We went back upstairs to shoot the last scene… the “revelation” scene. Now… we didn’t mean to be mean to Matt… having him taking off his clothes and putting it back on again just to take it off again… and it happened sooo many times because of the re-take. Hahaha. *Sorry Matt… but hey it turned out good tho… :)*

By 11.30 we finally finished our day’s shoot!!!! Woohoo!!!! Behind schedule, but it’s before midnight and we only had two more scenes to shoot!!!! YAY! Not bad!!! I even had time to write my journal on multiply while waiting for the 2nd tape capture to finish. We even had a group photo!!! Just in case we’d get too stressed tomorrow to have one! :) And we also managed to sort out all the paperwork… so that was out of the way! :)

For the rest of that night (plus early Sunday morning of course) Jacob and I were editing… Jacob was editing the audio while I did the video part… and Cory was doing a great job on keeping me awake and sane… *thanks heaps :)* The rest had gone home to have some rest. It was an awesome feeling that at 3am the bulk video edit was finally finished!!! We could finally go home and sleep! Although Jacob stayed over tho… the bed (from the bedroom scene) was already set up so at least there was a bed to sleep in.

Though it wasn’t until around 4am that we were finally ready for bed… coz yeah… knowing me… I had to have a shower etc before going to bed, not to mention prepare everything for the morning too… :p


Day 01 – the beginning

Friday, 18 May 2007 

Day 1 Production Diary 

Genre: Romance/Coming of Age

Character: Jerry/Gerri Reed, a hypochondriac

Object: a rope

Dialogue: “What do you call that?”


  • Story and plot development by the pre-production team
  • Script writing by Cameron and Stevie
  • Storyboarding by Cory
  • Setup by the rest of pre-production team


  • Level 1 (editing suite – brainstorm session)
  • Level 3 (setup)


Trouble was to come up with a good plot that would grab the audience attentions, especially with a genre so common like Romance (and in this case, or Coming of Age). Somehow the idea of a very random element like “the samurai” was really appealing… and we all thought it would be good to have it in the movie.

Story was changed during the script writing session and it turned out to be an awesome story and very do-able! *Two thumbs up* to Cameron and Stevie’s script writing talents.

Storyboard was beautifully done thanks to Cory. Windows were blackened and level 3 was almost ready to go tomorrow :) Well done guys!!!!


Overall, we were around 2.5 hours behind schedule (not bad!) and we all had some sleep and dinner :) That’s the most important thing! (PS: We of course also had a few beers thanks to Matt and Pat :) awesome!)

My Diary

The day has finally come!!! I couldn’t sleep well last night coz I was soooo NERVOUS about today!!!! Work today seemed to go really slow!!! Hahahaha!!! By the time 5pm came I was getting really agitated! LOL!!! I left work around 5.30pm to get to Victoria Bowling Club on Pirie St for the kick off.

It was quite a long walk there… more because it was up the hill… LOL… and then I started counting how long it would take to get up there just in case on the hand in day we couldn’t get transport to get us there… and turned out that it didn’t take that long at all… it was approximately 10 minutes to get up there.

The bowling club was full of people! Although I recall that it was advised that each team member only have 1-2 representatives at the kick off… but boy… that was full on! Just realized how many people actually participating in it! Well… yeah, there are about 500 teams all across NZ participating in this… so that’s about 25% of the population of NZ are making movies this weekend! Scary….

Anyway… at 6pm sharp the genre draw began. When I heard our team name was called, I stood and walked to the front, and of course I knew I’d get commented on the name… Dan Slevin, the Wellington 48hours organizer said “Ooh… this is weird”. Hahaha!!! Yeah… I got that too from the teller when I paid the entry fee… our team name being “Two Redheads and a Blonde” and the person who turned up was black haired… hahahaha!!!! :) BUT…. I seriously almost had a heart attack when I drew the genre…. OMG!!! Couldn’t believe it! We got “Romance / Coming of Age”!!!!!!! I almost crashed there and then… I was soooo hoping to get Grindhouse or Horror hahaha… well yeah… as soon as the genre has been decided my mind was swimming with a lot of different scenarios… hmm… my first thought was… “Oh no… gay romance movie, here we come!”. Well… what can you say… we had 11 people in our team, with only 2 girls (and none of us are acting!). So there you go… the next hour went VERY slow…. Before 7pm we all watched C4 to find out what the character, element and dialogue were for this year. And soon we got Jerry/Gerri Reed, a hypochondriac as character, a rope as object that must be used, and “What do you call that?” as the dialogue.

At 7pm on the dot we were released from the bowling club and I slowly made my way back to the office… after calling Cameron and informing him about the genre, of course, and finding out that I got 3 messages on my phone… 2 from Cory and 1 from Patrick (asking which beer I wanted… hahaha!).  Each team got a box of V energy drink and boy that was HEAVY!!!! I carried it all the way back to the office where the pre-production team were having a meeting. And I didn’t escape a couple of strangers asking me where the hell did we get the box of V coz there were hundreds of us walking down Pirie St carrying a box of V in our hands.

By the time I got back to the office, Cameron, Campbell, Cory, Joe, Matt, Patrick and Stevie were already in the middle of discussion and I couldn’t lift my arm at all from carrying that box of V… honestly… I tried to tie my hair up but failed coz my arms just wouldn’t stay up without shaking hard out. HAHAHA! Oh well. Jacob came over sometimes during his break to get an update before going back to work, Dan came later after work to start blackening the windows upstairs on level 3, and Jacob came back to join us after he finished work.

Sadly, I had to cut off two of our actors after we’ve decided where the plot was going. So Humphrey and Alex weren’t participating in this 48 hours… since we already had everyone needed for the roles, and they were the ones who really fit the characters too… so I think it’s only fair to let others go and let them have their weekend.

We had pizza that night…  although I really think that I should’ve ordered more… LOL. Oh well… I think it was around 10.30pm-ish that we were setting up level 3 while Cameron and Stevie were developing the script downstairs. And I must say that I’m glad we got over the gay romance topic because that would be a hard one to make! So we were going with Coming of Age and hoping that the humour would catch a lot of audience attention.

Before midnight *I can’t remember what time exactly* (PS: I thought we were doing well with this, that the plot and story was ready to be written to its final form before midnight)) Cory went down and joined Cameron and Stevie for the story boarding while they started writing the actual and final script.

Storyboard and sketches of Emo by Cory

Storyboard 01

Storyboard 02

Storyboard 03

Emo sketch Emo post it

It was 1am-ish (I think it was closer to 2am actually) that we started gathering my stuff  to get ready to go home and got some sleep… in a way we’re soooo glad that we didn’t get Dance / Musical… coz as Jacob said… if we get that genre… then we can say goodbye to sleep and we would be making some desperate phone calls… so yeah… *phew*

By the time we were ready for bed it was already 3am, so yeah… it was only 4 hours to go until we had to wake up again for 7.30am crew call.