Honestly, I don’t have a specific topic that I want to focus on. I’d simply write what I feel like at the time. It would range from work related to training related.

I learned many things in my line of work, from tricks, short cuts, to tips that I have received from my mentors, colleagues and clients. It shows that yes, we learn something new more often than we think. There are lists in pieces of paper or in my notebook or in my phone of the tips and tricks I picked up along the way, and sometimes even that I deal with it everyday, I still find myself referring back to those notes. So I’d record the things I learned at work or out of work, in hope that it may become useful for others too.

However, here, I like to write about general things that I enjoy and passionate about. In fact, you’d mostly find reviews and records of my experience doing things I love most. I’m not a girly girl, so I’m less likely blog about beauty and/or baking/cooking (though that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t – if I ever feel like it).

Please note that there might be time when you’d see an old post from my old blog pop up (I’m moving them), I’d back date this accordingly.

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