Armageddon Expo 2017 Wellington

It has been quite a wild month with so much work going on, plus getting over a pretty bad cold, and this is well overdue.

Back in early June Silver Duck went to Armageddon Expo and as usual we had a great time despite the bitterly cold weather. Caught up with the Geddon buddies and had an awesome time connecting with people and witnessing the amazing work people have put into their cosplay.

Here are my favourite photos from the event, for all of the photos go to Silver Duck website (photos by Silver Duck – both myself and J). Thank you for letting us take your photos, and see you again on the next event.

Floor & panel shots

Cosplay parade (day 1)


We had Sri Nair keeping us company again on day 1 this year ;) His Deathstroke cosplay has been upgraded since last year, and we had lots of fun roaming the floor, taking selfies, and even did a mini shoot with him.

Brother Cosplay Contest (day 3)

It was a fun weekend and I’m loving the guest announcements for the Auckland event! Looks awesome so far!!

Photos copyright © 2017 Silver Duck. All rights reserved.

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