Entry for Make the Cut contest

This is a bit of a late post, things has been pretty crazy busy now that it’s getting into show seasons. Back in April Adobe ran an editing contest to celebrate Adobe Premiere Pro’s 25th birthday. Contestants were to do their own version of Imagine Dragon’s “Believer” music video using pre-existing footage and some Adobe Stock footage that could be downloaded upon registering.

I found out about the competition rather late. In my opinion the contest wasn’t advertised that well, as I found out about it from a blog that has nothing to do with Adobe, and didn’t receive any emails before the competition started. After contemplating whether or not to participate (it was during busy times and there wasn’t that much time left in the competition), I decided that it was a good opportunity to work with well shot footage, and after editing for so many 48hours film competition, I was certain I could make something work.

Though there was no restriction on using Premiere Pro only, I decided to do mine solely in Premiere Pro, and decided to keep things clean cut and simple. The toughest part was deciding what narrative to go with as there was no brief. After watching all the footage and reading the song lyrics, I came up with a narrative I was happy with and started constructing the video. To be honest this was one of the tidiest timeline I’ve ever done. I had a small group of people (my colleagues) with to be my test audience after I finished a rough cut to make sure that they get the message I was trying to get across and that they could understand and follow the flow of the story.

My entry didn’t make the finals, but I had a lot of fun doing this, especially that this was the first music video I’ve ever done. Here’s my video, I hope you enjoy it.




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