The Making of “DICKS” Short film [48hours 2016]

This was a super late post, but I was waiting for our film to be online first before posting this. This time, the 48hours film competition happened in September instead of on its usual slot in May (and at some point, April), which made it a bit tricky for both me and J because of our workload (and I bet a lot of other people too). J didn’t end up joining because he had to be away for work on the shoot weekend.

Team Puppyguts drew the genre “Punk movie” and I had a slight panic bubbling in me when I heard the news because that genre isn’t really my cup of tea. So on Friday night I spent some hours browsing through my DVD/bluray collection and online for punk movies, researching on editing styles.

I arrived on set around 3pm on the Saturday, which was a lot later than originally planned, but I was able to set up the on-set edit suite and straight onto footage dump as soon as I arrived. The team was already well into the shoot by this point and had quite a lot of footage for me to work on.

The shoot went through the night, we had A LOT to shoot, and I didn’t see a lot of it since I was editing at the same time. I did catch some of the shoot though, when I needed a break from staring at the screens (and also because my shoulders were going numb, and I needed to stretch my legs). We finished the shoot at 4am and we moved back to HQ where I continued editing.

This was the first time in my 48hours participation history that I didn’t sleep. I managed to spit out the rough cut by 8am though, and after some reviews and directions, I got the second cut done by 12pm (we had to cut out about 2 minutes out of the rough cut to get our film under 5 minutes in duration). Then after a few more tweaks, I finished the finished cut by 2pm, ready for the finishing touches. It was a personal record for me, and one that I’m super happy with.

We handed in with plenty of time to spare, and decided to stick around and watch the countdown, where I think someone missed the deadline by a few seconds. Overall it was the most relaxed Sunday of 48hours that I’ve ever experienced, and I was told that the team think so too. I was tired, but I was very happy with the film we made.

If you haven’t already, watch our film below, and check out more behind the scenes photos here. Make sure you also check out Puppyguts’ other films too :)

Photos copyright © 2016 Silver Duck. All rights reserved.

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