Model Shoots

It has been awhile since I posted here, mostly because I’ve been busy with Silver Duck. One of the things I’ve been busying myself with recently was doing more photoshoots with models. It’s safe to say that I find shooting with a model to be more challenging than shooting people punching and kicking each other in the ring. I still really want to get into cosplay photography in the near future, and I hope to get to do that soon.

For booking enquiries, please go to or send me an email.

Anyway, here are some of the highlights from the recent model shoots:


The shoot with Heston was my the first male model shoot I have ever done, and I have to say that even after researching a lot of poses and male model shots, it was more challenging than I anticipated. Both Heston and I were new to this, so we were figuring things out as we go, and it ended up being a very valuable experience for the both of us, and we had fun while doing it too, it’s always a bonus. More photos from this shoot can be found here.


A friend from Aikido class, Kat Hardwick, is a seamstress, and I love her work. This year she submitted her work to WOW (Word of Wearable Arts) and I’ve been following the progress of this outfit on her facebook feed since she started on it. Unfortunately the outfit didn’t get selected, but she decided to have a photoshoot for it. I’m so happy she asked me to do the shoot, it was amazing to see the outfit in all its glory! She did an awesome job at it.

One of the most challenging part of the shoot was finding a solid ground for Kat to stand on because of the shoes, and the location we shot on was a little bit muddy at the time due to the few days of rain before the shoot. Another challenge we had was the stark sun, and we found that we had to wait until we got around the location before I could get a particular shot I’ve had in mind due to the sun’s position. But, the location offered a lot more than we expected as we explored more of it on the day of the shoot, and we were happy the little nooks and crannies we found over there.

So here is Kat in her amazing Panephone dress :) More photos can be found here (contains both mine and my partner’s shots).

One of the things I love about shooting with my partner is that it enabled us to shoot some behind the scenes. Too bad there wasn’t a 5th person to take a pic of one of the setups, basically it was Brent (Kat’s partner) crouching behind Kat as a support, Kat was sitting on him, me crouching on a funny angle to get the shot, and J holding the reflector :p The result? The first pic above (with the light behind Kat), which was the shot I knew I wanted to get going into the shoot, and we had to wait for the sun’s positioning.

Wellington Rifles

This was an impromptu photoshoot with Wellington Rifles Service Rifle and Living History Unit (Inc) . My partner and I went out to the range for a fun day of shooting with some of the guys I worked with at the Stolen Senses teaser shoot, and some of the guys were fully dressed up, I had my camera, and it was a beautiful day. So we decided to do a mini photoshoot after lunch. More photos from this shoot can be found here.


I had the opportunity to do a quick and fun shoot with Sri on a Sunday. One of the things I love about Wellington is that there are so many great places to shoot at, during this shoot my partner found more locations around one of the sites we were shooting at, something for us to file into our collection of potential shoot locations. There was one shot I had in mind, but I couldn’t get it at the time, it wasn’t until I review the shots that I figured out how to get it (d’oh!). It’s a lesson for next time. View more photos from this shoot here.

And thanks to my partner who took this behind the scenes pic :)


Until next time…

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