Star Wars Metal Earth Model: R2D2 build

After doing the AT-AT Metal Earth model build, I decided to take on the R2D2. I did expect it to be potentially be a bit more challenging due to its shape though, so to find that I broke a couple of parts of the model wasn’t quite that surprising (in addition that some parts are quite flimsy). However, I was a little disappointed that some parts, in particular the middle leg didn’t fit properly once it was being attached to the base. This was one of the parts that I broke due to several tries to put them together, and in the end I left it hanging because there wasn’t really anything else I could do about it, especially when the part that broke came with no spares. The other part I broke was because I folded it wrong and had to refold it but it broke when I did so. (it’s the grate in the middle, should be pretty visible in the photos). As you can see on the photos below, I did this a little roughly and managed to scratch the surface quite a bit, and I also had trouble making the head round.

I gotta say, this is such a neat idea, but I found that most of the tabs aren’t long enough to be twisted, some parts are flimsy, and some parts didn’t even fit together properly. Perhaps it was an error from the factory, who knows, but I knew I wasn’t the only person with the problem. In my opinion the AT-AT model didn’t have as many problems as the R2D2, mostly the AT-AT’s parts are a bit flimsy, but the model fit together nicely, but then again I only have done 2 of these models, so I don’t really have much experience to do a comparison. The R2D2 was the first time I encountered the problem of not being able to fit the parts properly, and according to posts I read from other users, it isn’t the only model with this problem.  I wish more of the smaller/easy to break parts come with spares. In saying that, I’m still keen to do another model, the one I want to do next would be from the Mass Effects model series but I haven’t decided which one yet.

Other than the problems I’ve encountered, I love these Metal Earth models, they have such great details and it’s a lot of fun to build.

Here’s the build:


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