Honour 9 Favourites

I actually had another shoot before Honour 9, which you can find on my website over at silverduck.co.nz, from the event The Trade Off. Unfortunately I didn’t find particular shots that I could categorize as my favourite shots.

Anyway, Honour 9 happened on 14 November 2015 at the Porirua Kennel Club, Porirua, Wellington. It was a long night, with 13 fights and all went the full rounds, we had over 3,000 photos as a result of the combined effort of my partner and I. It was the first time I was running low on memory on the cards, and low on battery as well. We had spares but we didn’t expect to be needing more spares. It’s a lesson for next time though :)

So here are my favourite shots from this event (click to enlarge). To view the rest of the photos from Honour 9, click here (this will open a new window/tab and take you to my Silver Duck website’s Honour 9 posts).

These photos are copyrighted materials, please read Silver Duck’s Copyright Info.

Copyright © 2015 Silver Duck. All rights reserved.


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