Armageddon Expo (Wellington) 2015 – Day 3

I always feel a bit sad on the last day of Armageddon Expo, because usually it’s the day I say bye to my friends, but then I look forward to see them again at the next Armageddon. I’ve done most of my shopping by then, so it was a pretty relaxing day, mainly spent at the main stage, and then we went and did the rounds to have a look at the stalls again in case we want to buy anything else. We really wished we could attend the closing party, but unfortunately the price was a bit steep so we had to miss out on it. Maybe next time :)

Wrestling panel with Ted Dibiase

Jim Beaver Panel

Karen Gillan Panel

Rob Maschio Panel

And before we left the venue, I got to meet the awesome Courtenay Taylor and took a picture with her after she signed a print of Jack from Mass Effect. Woohoo!!! *fangirl moment*

Photo 19-07-15 16 15 16

Until the next Armageddon Expo!! :D


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  1. Laptop crash – lost all my e-mail addresses. Please send me your again – cheers! Kaz

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