Armageddon Expo (Wellington) 2015 – Day 1

Sorry for the late post on this, but here it is!

It’s that time of the year again! I love Armageddon Expo because I get to see my friends and catch up with them. This time I also get to catch up with an old friend who I haven’t seen for years (he came down for NZ Comic Con) so that was a huge bonus!!

Photo 17-07-15 12 21 42

We got there a bit later than we’d like, and we didn’t bother jumping the line (we were on VIP passes) because the doors were already open. It didn’t take long before I bumped into so many familiar faces and had a bit of a catch up. We spent most of the day at the main stage, and I spent the day to do my shopping and the photos and autographs.

Supernatural Group Panel

With Jim Beaver, Sebastian Roche, and Corin Nemec.

The loot!

So what did I get? Let’s see…..

Photo 17-07-15 17 15 52

Photo 17-07-15 17 35 12One of the first stalls I visited was BRM, because I really enjoyed The Warden vol 1 that I bought at last year’s Auckland Armageddon, and I wanted to get vol 2, and why not get other comics while I’m there? Bill happened to be there when I bought these and he signed them for me and also had a good chat about what’s coming up. I can’t wait for the next volume!

Somehow I kept on missing out on buying the expo tshirt everytime I attended the event in the past, so this year I made it a priority to get it on the first day, and of course I got The Warden design on the tshirt (coz I’m such a fan), and it happens to be the 20th anniversary edition, even better!

Photo 17-07-15 17 29 06

Let’s not forget the Dunny!! I always make a point to get a new one every time I’m at Armageddon Expo, and this Dunny is the new addition to my collection.

And the rest of them….

Photo 17-07-15 17 22 47

It was a good first day, I’d say ;) But anyway, sorry, no photos to share from the cocktail party. I think my iPhone hates J because the photos he took on them at the cocktail party were pretty blurry (but he takes awesome pictures with his film cameras under poor lighting condition, so my conclusion is that the iPhone hates him).


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