Honour 8 – Part 2

View part 1 here (Vivian Rees-Boland vs Jody Dirkx and Clint Dysart vs Iggy Phillips)

View part 3 here (Rosie Duxfield vs Louise Fuller and James Craughwell vs Frazier Maiava)

View part 4 here (Ngapera Parata vs Miriam “Hummingbird” Tio and Ash Ahipene vs Daria “The Boss” Smith)

View part 5 here (Adam “Fancy” Manisy vs Carl “Meat” Tangen and Pumipi “Ceazer” Ngaronoa vs Alexi “Phet” Serepisos)

View part 6 here (Charles Smiler Memorial Trophy and the crowd photos)

Shot using Canon 50D, Canon 20D with 18-200mm and 50mm f1.4 and J was using Nikon D90 with 18-105mm. Watch for the JBL initial on the photos for J’s shots.

Some notes about the shoot: By this time we’ve started having problems with the lack of light, as it started to get dark (especially by the end of the 4th fight). The prime lens was great and I love the photos that came out of it, but only worked when the fighters were on the far side of the ring from me. I ended up throwing out a lot of photos from the other camera because although they had good angles and captured great moments, there wasn’t sufficient light for it to work, we really needed four lights on the corners of the ring. J had better luck by standing by one of the corners instead of the neutral corner and caught some of the light from the front, and he also shot at a slower speed. I did lower the speed for some shots but didn’t end up getting shots I wanted that way, and I am not comfortable to shoot below certain speed for fights (this is when extra f stops would be very helpful). I can make it work with the usual setup that I’ve worked with in the past fight events, but at this particular event I really felt the disadvantage of one of my lenses to handle the poor lighting. But on almost all the blogs on ring fight photography I read, they said expect to come across lighting problems, it’s all a learning process and I took away a lesson from it for next time. On a positive note, some of the shots came out very dramatic due to the light condition and the sharp shadows, it was unintentional, but I like some of it very much.

If you haven’t already, scroll down and press that play button to watch the fights, or go to Dex’s Channel on Youtube.

All images are © copyright of the photographer. You may NOT replicate, manipulate, modify, or use these images in any way without permission.

Kaysey Warner (COMBAT ROOM) vs Xan Humphries (JAI)

Ants Bennett (ALPHA) vs Kieran Garcia (JAI)

Watch the fights here:


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