To a fantastic year ahead!

Happy New Year everyone! I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you who read, follow, and visited my blog, commented on it, giving me constructive criticism, all are very much appreciated. I wish you a fantastic 2015! :)


Now I know there are those who say no to new year resolution. I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing to have. I did have some new year resolutions for 2014, but sadly I could only achieve one of them due to unforeseen circumstances, however, I achieved some things that I didn’t even plan to achieve at the beginning of the year, and I’m thankful for those.

So reflecting back to 2014, I had an okay year, it wasn’t the best, but there were a lot of lessons I learned, and some of those I learned the same hard way. There were a lot of anger and tears in 2014, as well as some struggle, but every day has its own challenges anyway, so here is to a better year in 2015!

Continuing from 2014, I will attempt to complete the goals I didn’t achieve in 2014, but I also have a set of new goals for the new year:

Smile more and grumble less
I noticed one thing last year, I wasn’t smiling as much. I grumbled a lot though. I admit, it was a tough year, and I felt that whatever I did had no effect to remedy the situation. It was frustrating, but I’m determined to handle it better this year when it gets hard, and smile more.

Get my 2nd dan black belt in Aikido
This one is over 10 years overdue. Yes, I took a ten year break from the art, and yes, I had a tough time getting back to it, but late last year I started picking up the slack in training, and my goal is to grade in 2015 (and pass!).

Attend weapons class more regularly
I couldn’t believe it took me so long to start coming to Aikido weapons class! Once I did, I found that I really enjoyed it. It still feel weird, and I wonder how long it would take for it to feel normal, but I intend to attend the weapons class more regularly, and once I get better at it, then I’ll start alternating my Fridays between Muay Thai stamina class and Aikido weapons class.

Take more and better pictures
I need to take my camera out for a shoot more often, which leads to my next goal below…

Take more and better fight / ring-side photos
I had the great opportunity to do my very first ring side photos at Combat 1, thank you Charlie (RIP) for giving me the opportunity, and thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself, it was a gift that kept on giving, and I’m truly thankful for it. After that I had more opportunities to shoot ring side at two more Muay Thai fight events (Siam 1 and Honour 7), and I hope to do plenty more this year and further my skills at it. I noticed the degradation of quality of the photos I took as it got later in the night, so I’m also determined to build my endurance so I can take photos at such events with high and consistent quality throughout duration of the event.

Sleep more
I may yawn and get tired if I’m still out at about past 9pm, but I still rarely get 8 hours sleep at night, mainly out of habit, and my job sometimes makes it challenging to get enough sleep, especially during busy times. I know how important a good night rest is, so this year I want to sleep more and give my body the proper rest it deserves whenever possible.

Eat healthier
My dietary requirements help me eat healthier in general, but I feel like I was slacking off last year, which result in me not feeling as happy and healthy as I could have been, not to mention that I got sick a lot last year, and also had quite a bit of negative reaction to food because I ignored what my body was telling me. There are a lot of slacks to pick up this year in the food department, so this would be a tough one for me, but when the end goal is to be healthy and happy, I think it’s worth the effort.

Keeping in touch
Let me just say, I suck at keeping in touch with friends and family! I intend to correct that this year. Last year I was blessed with some random events that reconnected me with some of my old friends, this year I will not wait for random events to get in touch with my friends and family. I should be in touch with them more often in general.

Downsize and de-clutter more
Yeah, I suck at this too, but I really want to be more organized at home, and there are a lot of de-cluttering to do.

Well, these are the ones I’m comfortable of sharing publicly (because well, my other goals are a bit too personal). May you all have a fantastic new year!! :D

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