Honour 7 – Part 6

View part 1 here: Chris Wellings vs Braxton Robinson & Clint Dysart vs Kohatu Kamaru

View part 2 here: Kyle Searancke vs Damien Brehaut & Laddie Tamati vs Jacob Faletutul

View part 3 here: Tangi Waikari vs Michelle Forbes & Kaysey Warner vs Carlie Flavell

View part 4 here: Gerard Roach vs Daniel Chadfield & Ken “The Warlord” Ford vs Mike Devoe

View part 5 here: Rehua Smallman vs Rick Smith & Ngapera Parata vs Olya Sokhieva

View part 7 here: Charles Smiler Memorial Trophy, the crowd photos, & CombatRoom family photo

Photos below, click to enlarge

All images are © copyright of the photographer. You may NOT replicate, manipulate, modify, or use these images in any way without permission.

The WMC New Zealand Womens Featherweight Professional Title:

“Lethal” Leighann Banham (JACKALS) vs Baybee “Pitbull” Nansen (SMAC)

Main Event:

Lance “The Stallion” Searancke (TBS) vs Carl “Meat” Tangen (Combat Room)


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