Armageddon Expo Day 4 Experience

I was almost sad knowing that this was the last day of Armageddon Expo, but the weekend had been so great and I was feeling so happy and I was glad we went up to Auckland again this year, and we got to make new friends too!

Before the panel started, I made my way to the stalls and got myself a copy of Beyond Reality Media‘s “The Warden”, and I wish I got the 2nd volume too, because I really enjoyed the comic! And I also got J a couple of Robert Rankin’s books, “Alice on Mars” and “The Kiwi Chronicles” and no doubt I will be reading them too, especially after listening to Rankin’s stories at the panel. Speaking of books, Kaz gave us a copy of Volume 1 & 2 or her “The Atlas Chronicles” books, which I am looking forward to read! :)

I didn’t take many pictures on this day because the light wasn’t that great, so only a couple of the panels have a separate entry for their photos, the rest are posted here.

Richard Dean Anderson VIP Panel – stage 2

Still my hero! RDA is awesome :) We had a good laugh at this panel, and RDA was just so friendly and chilled out. I got to tear up a little when he shared a story when someone asked about his proudest moment of being a father. I’m so glad I got to meet him! *Happy squeal*

Jacqueline Samuda & Suanne Braun Panel – stage 2


I’ve said it and will say it again, these two ladies are awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed their panel this weekend. View photos from this panel here.

Cliff Simon & Peter Williams Panel – stage 2


And straight afterwards, we were entertained by these two amazing gentlemen, I really enjoyed their panel too. They were very lovely :) Click here for photos from this panel.

William Kircher Hobbit trilogy Q&A panel – stage 2

I really should watch the Hobbit to see that particular barrel scene, me thinks! He wasn’t the only one who think the barrel scene was a lot of fun ;) The man was a lot of fun and very animated, I had a really good laugh at his panel! :D

Michael Hogan VIP Panel – stage 2


The last panel of the day, but one of the panels I had been waiting for! I missed out on his previous panel, so I was glad to be able to catch this one. I enjoyed his stories about his theatre experience, especially the one with the horse. Haha. So say we all!!!

Until next time…

It was time to say goodbye to our friends, and I have to say that I felt a bit sad, and we hope to see them again at the next Armageddon Expo. It has been such an amazing weekend, and I’m looking forward to the next one, especially that it’s going to be a big one! :) We closed off our weekend by going to a Thai restaurant Joy Dong, and had a nice relaxing meal, we had a long drive home ahead of us the next day. Thank you very much for the amazing weekend! We had a great time :)

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