Armageddon Expo Experience Day 3

First of all, apologies for the lack of updates for the last couple of days, between feeling under the weather (which I still am), work, and training, it’s getting difficult to find that peaceful moment to do a post or two during the weekdays. I’ll try my best to finish posts on Armageddon Expo soon, especially that it has been two weeks since the event.

On to day 3! :)

We got to the venue early, and went straight to the main stage to wait for the screening of Stargate SG-1 Children of the Gods. It was amazing watching one of my favourite shows in a theatre settings with fellow fans, because I knew I wasn’t the only one who was excited to see my favourite characters appeared on screen. We all clapped and laughed and cheered as they appeared, and it was heart-warming.

The System Lords panel – main stage


Just  like their VIP panel, the four of them were very entertaining on stage and I really enjoyed their presence there. I also learned that Peter Williams love golden kiwifruit. Click here to view photos from this panel.

Richard Dean Anderson panel – main stage


I think RDA is learning very fast especially when he asked how many Australians were there, and then told us to “go get them!” Ha!  He also said that he loved NZ especially the area by the Hobbiton (he kept calling it Hobbitville and kept getting corrected. LOL). Oh RDA, he was my childhood hero, and still my hero now! :) Click here for photos from this panel.

International Fantasy Author panel – stage 2


After a short break for lunch, we went to the fantasy author panel, I personally haven’t read any of Russell Meek, Terry Brooks or Robert Rankin’s books, because I’m more of a military science fiction fan instead of fantasy, but J is a fan of Rankin’s work, and he often explained some events that happened in the book to me, I remembered thinking of it as a fun madhouse, and I kept thinking that once I’ve finished with the books I’m reading, I’d give it a go. I came close to picking up Terry Brooks’ book before, I believe it was “Armageddon’s Children”, but I got distracted with another book before I started reading it, and perhaps I should check it out next time. And though I haven’t picked up Russell Meek’s book series, I found how he described his process of writing a scene to be quite interesting due to his background as a photographer, Kaz said that she could see the scenes when she read it. Photos from this panel are here.

David Hewlett & David Nykl VIP panel – stage 2


One of the panels I had been waiting for! Yesterday we were at David Nykl and David Hewlett’s individual panels and had a great time, I laughed until my tummy hurt, but put the two together, I think my face was stuck on my laughing face, because my cheeks hurt from so much laughing. Simply one of my favourite duo! :) Click here for photos on this panel.

Ghostfacers & DJ Qualls VIP panel – stage 2


I have only heard about AJ getting hurt on the Friday night, but didn’t know what actually happened until I heard one of my friends talked about it. I think the headline on the news could raise a few eyebrows. Ha! Anyway, one of the things that happened on this panel was DJ showing us a R18 rated fanart, which from what I could see, was actually pretty well done. Lol. I still haven’t caught up with Supernatural yet, or Ghostfacers for that matter (I think we watched like 3 episodes in the past two months, I think we’ll do better once we get to holiday season), but the three of them was a fun bunch :) Click here for photos from this panel.

So that’s the recap of day 3 :) This weekend is a bit of a busy one for me, so I’ll try to post the rest of my Armageddon Expo photos as fast as I can. Until the next post! :)


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