Armageddon Expo (Auckland) 2014 – Day 2

Bring on day 2! We expected that the venue would be chocker full of people because Jenna Coleman and Richard Dean Anderson would both be there, especially that Jenna Coleman would only be there for one day, so we made sure we got to the venue early, and spent the morning watching Godzilla at the main stage before everything kicked off.

David Nykl panel – main stage


I thoroughly enjoyed his panel very much, he was a lot of fun, and talks really differently than his character Radek Zelenka in Stargate Atlantis. He got a lot of cheers from the audience when he put on the Czech accent though ;) Click here to view photos from this panel.

Giancarlo Esposito panel – main stage


Sadly, we didn’t get to stay for the whole panel, we had to leave half way through because we needed to get to the photo booth, so I’m going to have to search for recording/s of this panel on Youtube and watch the rest of it. Click here to view photos from this panel.

Photo with Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

Wow oh wow! There was a bit of a mixed up (to put it nicely) at the lines for this awesome man here. His photo session was straight after Jenna Coleman, so you could imagine the chaos. Our line was moved 3 times, and by the time we got to the third move, everyone had lost their places. There were a lot of unhappy people in the line because of the disorganization, and a lot of confused ones too because they didn’t know where they needed to be, and I was also anxious to get back to the main stage because I didn’t want to miss too much of the next panel. However, once things got going, it happened so fast. RDA was all smiles and friendly and I tried my best not to squeal, because c’mon, he’s my ultimate childhood hero! I used to watch MacGyver on TV with my Dad every week, and I used to call the Swiss Army Knife as the MacGyver knife. VERY HAPPY to get to meet the man!

Jenna Coleman & Sarah Madison panel – main stage

I’m so glad to be able to catch some of Sarah Madison panel, and we got to see Jenna Coleman too! I seriously thought we were going to miss out because we got there so late. The room was full to the point that people started sitting on the floor and standing around as well. To view photos from this panel, click here.

David Hewlett panel – main stageIMG_1154

I thoroughly enjoyed his panel, he talks so fast, and he’s so funny! I’m also looking forward to get his new movie Debug on DVD/Bluray because it looks really awesome! To view photos from this panel, click here.

Photos and signatures

There was a Ghostfacers panel after David Hewlett’s, but I was so hungry and we needed to get photos and signatures as well, so we decided to miss out on the panel, knowing that there would be a Ghostfacers VIP panel Sunday. So off we went to get photos with David Hewlett, David Nykl, and Michael Hogan.

David Hewlett

It took a lot of convincing to get J into this photo (he doesn’t really like getting his photo taken), but knowing that we both love Stargate Atlantis and Rodney McKay, he agreed :)

David Nykl

And I almost missed out on getting a picture with him on this day because I got there and he was almost done with his photo session. I was lining up for signatures prior to this. And he remembered my name! I got to chat with him briefly during the signing, he’s super friendly :)

Michael Hogan

I was a bit bummed that I forgot to bring my Cylon t-shirt, because I so wanted to wear that t-shirt for this photo with Michael Hogan! (Huge fan of BSG here). But he still recognized my N7 Mass Effect t-shirt! :) He’s so lovely! I really enjoyed talking to him for a bit during signing.

Photo pickup

Okay, I gotta say the photo pickup method is very inefficient, especially if it was being done at the information desk. The info desk was swarmed with people, and it was no longer an info desk. Someone had to squeeze through to get one of the staff’s attention to inform them that they have lost their kid, and then someone else who had lost their kid as well had to get another person who was standing near the counter to get the attention of the staff because they couldn’t get to the desk. Hopefully this improves next year, maybe have a pickup number? At the end of the day, I gave up waiting around and decided I’d go back the next morning to pick up the rest of my photos.

System Lords Group VIP Panel – stage 2


We almost didn’t make it to this panel, because originally we wanted to go to the Guerrilla Filmmaking session, and we knew that there would be System Lords panels on Monday. But J came out from the Guerrila Filmmaking session soon after it was about to start saying that it wasn’t what we were hoping it would be, so we decided to make the most of our VIP passes and went to the System Lords panel, and I’m so glad that we did because the bunch of them were a lot of fun! Click here to view photos from this panel.

Cocktail Party

I would have stayed for Giancarlo Esposito’s VIP panel if it wasn’t because I needed to get ready for the cocktail party. Having food intolerances sucks, because I knew there would be nothing I could eat from the nibbles served during the function. Kaz picked us up and we got to the Pullman Hotel early and had a drink at the bar (I finally got to try their Old Fashion), which by the way, the Pullman Hotel charged J’s card twice! At first he said it didn’t go through (network error maybe?), then he tried the second time and it went through, but when he checked the statement, he found out that he was charged twice. Sigh.

Anyway… onto the cocktail party!

J and I managed to track down William Salyers and I got a photo with him. We had a lovely chat with the man. I’m so glad I finally managed to talk to him because I missed out when he was in Wellington. As a Mass Effect fan, I told him that I cried when Mordin Solus died in Mass Effect 3 (I really did) >_< Then we managed to have a brief chat with David Nykl and then we went to see David Hewlett, who attempted to put my iPhone in my glass of orange juice. LOL. Somehow everyone who talked to him when we got there had Lifeproof iPhone case, and all of us were telling him how great that case was, and when we said that it’s waterproof, he wanted to try to put my iPhone in my glass. Haha. (It didn’t fit, by the way). Then we went to see Michael Hogan, and got a photo with him, even J got a photo with him too! Aaw! And finally, after scouting the sea of people, I finally found Cliff Simon, and of course I had to get a picture with him because Ba’al is my favourite System Lord! :D Now I really wanted to get a picture with Richard Dean Anderson, but it was really tough to find him, and we didn’t end up getting a picture and a chat with him. But hey, I’m super happy by the end of the cocktail party! I got to meet everyone I wanted to meet, and made friends, and had a brief catch up with Damian (the stage 2 MC and also our MC at the Wellington Armageddon main stage).

Everyone looked so lovely in their dresses and suits! And we also got to make new friends at the party, which is awesome.

After the mingling and the photos, we went to have dinner at Mexican cafe, both Kaz and I have dietary requirements, so we still need some food by the end of the night. It was such a lovely night, I went back to the motel smiling like a lunatic :p Bring on day 3!


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