Armageddon Expo (Auckland) 2014 – Day 1

It’s that time of the year again! I can’t believe it went so fast! I have been looking forward to this event, because not only awesome guests are coming, but also because I’d get to catch up with my friends! I met so many lovely people at the previous Armageddon, and we kept in touch via Twitter, as well as Facebook and emails. One of them, Kaz, who I met while waiting for the brunch at last year’s Auckland Armageddon Expo have been keeping in touch via email regularly, and both of us were so excited to be able to catch up again this year.

The Trip

We left Wellington a little later than I wanted, and I didn’t even have time to have my breakfast before leaving! But not a problem, because we made a stop at Mothered Goose in Bulls. I grabbed my self a scone and a hot chocolate and off we went again. Maybe one day when we’re not so time-pressed to get somewhere we’d be able to stop and actually eat there, because the place is so lovely and cozy, not to mention they sell so many lovely things too.

When we arrived in Taupo, we didn’t expect it to be that busy, it was much busier than last year, and we had trouble finding a park, and as a result, instead of going to Replete like we planned, we went to Saluté Taupo a block away from it. The cafe has a Wellington feel to it (so does Replete, by the way), and I just love the interior of it. Lovely staff too!

Everyone in Auckland seemed to make an attempt to get out of the city by the time we got to the motorway and looking for our exit to get to the motel. We knew this was going to happen though, so we weren’t surprised to see the traffic jam going the other way. We got to the motel about an hour later than what I anticipated, but I had time to quickly freshen up before heading to the venue.

The Preview Night

The entry has improved a lot from last year, we didn’t have to wait around outside anymore this time, which was great! So we went in and waited by the door inside. I quickly spotted my friends I met at the previous years and caught up with them while waiting for the doors to open.

Unfortunately, there was a huge line at the token booth and we waited for about 40 minutes while getting our VIP passes and tokens sorted (and we were very close to the front of the line, by the way), and there was only 1 till open to sort out Emerald passes until another person joined in and opened another till before things finally got moving. Kaz found us lining up and we did a brief catch up while at standing in line.

Finally, after getting our passes and tokens sorted (as well as our giant tote bags), we did our rounds. My first destination was Reel Collectibles, where I always get my Dunny at Armageddon, but I couldn’t be blamed that I managed to stop at Planet Gadget‘s stall and got my self a R2D2 Pop Vinyl toys now, could I? I got myself a Sun Tzu dunny, I thought that was really cool and appropriate especially that it’s The Art of War range.

I love the preview night, mainly because I can look around and not have to be worried to have to be somewhere else due to the packed schedule. Though I wished there was another session like last year’s “An Evening with Tony Amendola”, because that was awesome and very chilled out too.

I was hoping to get some DVDs and other merchs, but didn’t find any that I really wanted, so after coordinating for the next day with Kaz, we left and got ourselves some dinner at Tanuki (my favourite Japanese restaurant in Auckland, by the way!), and rest up for Saturday, since we were sure it was going to be extra busy, especially with both Jenna Coleman and Richard Dean Anderson being there.

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