A heads up

Photo source: Chris Gin on deviantart.com

Photo source: Chris Gin on deviantart.com

Every holiday feels like it went too fast, and that I always wanted a day (or a week) longer. Well, this was definitely the case for me for my latest geeky holiday trip to Auckland Armageddon Expo. I’m still feeling the post-Armageddon-blues, mostly because I’m missing my Armageddon buddies, and I’m already counting down to the next one.

I went back to training last night, which worked wonders in getting me out of that post-holiday-funk, but another way of doing so is to sort out all my holiday photos. I didn’t take as many pictures as I did last year due to the lighting, and my gear limitations, plus, over the past year I have grown more selective with the shots I took. Though I wish I took cosplay pictures too, but the schedule was pretty packed, there were too many people around, and not enough space, so I ended up not taking any cosplay pictures this time around.

So over this coming weekend I will start sorting out and hopefully posting photos from my Armageddon experience. I’ve had a look through them, and though some didn’t turn up as well as I hoped, I’m still pretty happy with the results. So, until then! :)

<3 Dee


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