Nanoblock Space Shuttle – the build

I bought this as a treat for my birthday from MightyApe, and with the really bad weather outside and me being a bit unwell over the weekend, I finally had the chance to put this together. Scroll down below the video to view the still photos.

Sorry the angle wasn’t very good, and we had to move the camera due to how tall the tower got. Not having a tripod was a bit of a challenge, but I think we have found a solution for next time.

All images are © copyright of the photographer. You may NOT replicate, manipulate, modify, or use these images in any way without permission.


I have to admit, I wish they pack the blocks by size and colour, it would make a lot more sense to me.

External Tank


Solid Rocket Boosters


These two were actually pretty fragile, I managed to break them apart a few times.

The Orbiter

I actually had to take this apart and put them back together twice, I kept on making mistakes because I miscounted the instructions.



Launching Pad and Tower


The Finished Product

Combining all of them was a bit of a challenge because the boosters kept on falling apart, and when they finally came together, the tower was leaning slightly and the shuttle and external tank wasn’t really sitting up straight. So it took a bit of adjusting to get them to stand up straight.


It has been awhile since I last took my camera out, so I’m happy for the opportunity to take pictures again, though I am a bit rusty.


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