Short films I watched recently

It has been awhile since I watch short films, so I thought I’d post the shorts I really enjoyed recently.

Orbitas – by PrimerFrame

Awhile ago, I stumbled upon this while browsing on the Staff Pick section on Vimeo, and it quickly grabbed my attention, the short is beautifully done, and though the story was very simple, they managed to draw out strong emotions out of it.


El Ladrón de Caras – by PrimerFrame

Then recently, I saw this film by the same people who did Orbitas on the Staff Pick section on Vimeo (again), and without thinking twice, I clicked on it. I thoroughly enjoyed this short. It gave me the chill, and again, they didn’t disappoint on being able to draw out emotions from their audience.


The Heat – by Chris Eversole

This beautifully shot film is a short documentary on Heather “The Heat” Hardy, a professional boxer who uses her fighting to provide for herself and her daughter. I first came across this when it was featured in Short of the Week website late last year (I think), and recently I passed the link to one of the guys at Combat Room Muay Thai who was impressed by it. I found the film very inspirational and I probably should have shared it long ago as it would be quite an motivational piece for female fighters out there.


What If Money Did Not Exist – by TheGrimFilm

I found this while browsing Youtube for some short films, and it was the title that got me interested. Though I found the story was a little in the weak side, I had a good laugh, especially on the “how much it costs to get married” part, and the film is beautifully shot too. Don’t forget to check out their other shorts as well, they’re very entertaining. I’m looking forward to see more films out of these guys.


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