The Lost Fleet Series [Review]

A couple of months ago I managed to injure myself during training (totally my own fault), and I had to take a break from both Muay Thai and Aikido training for a few weeks while I was undergoing repair and maintenance (it turns out that landing on my shoulder and the side of my head wasn’t a good idea – go figure!). Then when I got better and started to slowly ease back into training, BAM! I got chicken pox. Luckily it was mild, but it kept me off training longer, and by this point I was already frustrated and on edge. Once I got over it, I had to catch up with all the work I missed while I was away sick, and I was slammed with so much work it’s not funny. But anyway, the one good thing that came out of me being off training for that long was the fact that I caught up with my readings. I finally finished The Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell, and since I owe my sanity to this series while I was injured and sick, I decided to write a short review about this series.

Lost Fleet watermarked

I came across the first book “Dauntless” while I was waiting for a bus, it was on shelf at a bookshop, and I was intrigued by it after reading the back cover. As a big military science fiction fan, I found the story of a man turned into a legend who spent a century in survival sleep, then found himself thrust into Command of a fleet stuck deep in enemy territory was interesting. Of course, not long after that, I got the book. This was last year. I must admit that I was struggling to read it at first. The book requires my full concentration in order for my brain to figure out what was going on. I got tired reading it, so I stopped. The author put great details of the physics of a space battle, and at one point it got a bit tedious. It wasn’t until a year later that I decided to give it another go, and now, the highly detailed space battle was something I thoroughly enjoy. The details of the battles are just amazing, though it was really technical, it painted a clear picture in my head on what was happening and how things “looked” like, and I’m glad to find out that this level of details is maintained throughout the whole series. I also like how the author never describe how the characters looked like, so I was able to create my own version of the characters in my head, and even how they sounded like.

Many reviewers mentioned that it felt like the books are repetitive, and a friend also said the same thing, how he enjoyed book one and two, but the rest were almost a repetition of the first two books, but I actually like the 3rd book “Courageous” the best. The books follow the same if not similar formula, yes, but I still think there are enough differences and new elements to make it work.

My favourite battle scene was the one that took place at the end of book 5 “Relentless”, it left me on the edge of my seat and my heart pounding as I read it. I remember that I slept really late that night because I couldn’t put the book down. In other words, it was epic! The downside of it though is that the battle in book 6 “Victorious” didn’t feel as satisfying, but nevertheless still very enjoyable.
Another plus point of  the series is that it doesn’t concentrate on love stories, which I found refreshing, but it doesn’t mean that there is no love stories, because we’d get to see Geary pursues his love interest later. The drama, the politics, and the suspense was captivating. I even cried at one point. Book 6 is a great conclusion to the series, but I know I’m not satisfied with it yet, because there is still a threat looming over them out there, which is why I continued on reading to the next series. This is definitely a series I would recommend.
I’m definitely giving it 4 out of 5.

And of course, I am now reading “The Lost Fleet: Beyond Frontiers: Invincible” (book 2 of the Beyond Frontiers series).

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  1. Ooooo – I only have one book to go in Micahel G. Manning’s Mageborn series and was looking for something to move onto next … this will be it! Thanx.

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