Animation Panel with William Salyers, Paul Eiding, Charles Martinet and Jessica DiCicco (Day 3 Armageddon Expo Wellington)

Day 3 started with the animation panel, and I’ve been looking forward to it! Those who know me personally would know I’m a BIG fan of Mass Effect and Diablo games (having clocked those games multiple times and still play them over and over again from time to time), and of course, when I first had gaming console, I was playing Super Mario A LOT (and when I lived so close to the office, I used to watch Ben 10 while getting ready for work. LOL). So yeah, super excited for this panel!  Though even if I didn’t play those games I’d still be interested in this panel, I’m always intrigued with voice acting, so I’d always love to hear what the voice actors had to say about their work. The panel was fun and there were a lot of times when they did the voices of their characters and told us the stories of what happened in the studio. It was an awesome panel to start the day.

Photos below. Click to enlarge.

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