Arrow Panel with David Ramsey (Day 2 Armageddon Expo Wellington)

Following Michael Rowe‘s panel, was David Ramsey, who by the way, is a lot taller than I thought he was. The character John Diggle is one that I like since early days of the series, and I love how the character has developed in the series. I looked forward to meet with the man since the day I found out that he was coming to NZ. What came as a pleasant surprise was that David told the audience that he’s a JKD practitioner. I have never met one before and was excited by the news. I did mention to him when I was getting my photo taken with him that I didn’t pick him as a JKD person (I thought he’d be more into boxing and/or kickboxing). He also asked the audience who were the Ollicity shippers, turned out that there were plenty in the audience who ship for the pair. I don’t have a preference myself, but thought the idea would be interesting. But anyway, David said that Diggle wouldn’t be doing the salmon ladder because that means he’d have to take his shirt off. I think there was a chorus of “Oooowh” following that comment. Haha!

Photos below. Click to enlarge.

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