Honour 5 (22 March 2014) Muay Thai Fights

Photos from Honour 5 Muay Thai fights (categorized by fight). I was there to support and cheer for our Combat Room friends who were fighting. They all did very well, it was an amazing night, we were treated by so many good fights it was hard to look away from the ring!

I’m happier with the results of the photos this time, having known what to expect. And I’m really looking forward to the day I get to shoot at ring side.

All images are © copyright of the photographer. You may NOT replicate, manipulate, modify, or use these images in any way without permission.

Damien Kamo (Fortitude Masterton) vs Jason Williams (Combat Room)

Eddie Callahan (ALPHA) vs Fookseng Liu (JAI)

Liam Kernaghan (ALPHA) vs Jeff Silverman (Combat Room)

Tama Petera (Bulldogs Dannevirke) vs Aisea Lealea (Combat Room)

Ian Ware (ALPHA) vs Dana (Mana Muay Thai)

Tommo Greer (JAI) vs Whina Wharepapa (SMAC AKL)

Ziggy Croft (City LeeGar AKL) vs Angus Lindsay (Combat Room)

Gerard Roach (ALPHA) vs Ants Bennett (FTA)

Tangi Waikari (ALPHA) vs Kaysey Warner (Combat Room)

The North Island WMC Light Welterweight Full Muay Thai Rules Title Fight: Michael Foy (JAI) vs Jesse Mika (SMAC AKL)

Professional Super Heavyweight Full Thai Rules Fight: Nato Laauli (ALPHA) vs Rik Barclay (Strikeforce CHCH)

The North Island WMC Super Middleweight Full Thai Rules Title Fight: Michael “The Slayer” Radford (ALPHA) vs Hone Snowden (SMAC AKL)


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