Hellgate: London, The Male Templar limited edition statue

If you played the game and are a fan, I must apologize to say that I personally have not played the game, but I was always aware of this beauty sitting proudly on the shelf in our office. I’ve always admired the details in the statue, and was actually thinking of taking pictures of it one day. Then last week was the first time I had a close look at the statue, and found out more about it, how we ended up with this statue on display in our office, and about the game itself. If I had known about the game back then, I’d so totally play it. I do enjoy a good hack and slasher role playing game afterall.

So, what we have here is Hellgate: London – The Male Templar statue, limited edition (#0396/1000), sculpted by Weta Workshop’s Eden Small, Bill Hunt, and Gary Hunt. This statue is also signed by Richard Taylor.

In the year 2038, London lies in ruins. A great rent in the fabric of reality has loosed uncounted legions of savage demons into the city to reap death and destruction upon a terrified humanity.

Templar are the true believers, the keepers of the faith, and the destroyers of evil. They are extremely organized and regimented, their centuries of preparation giving them the best basic footing for waging war against the demons. They also control and defend the London Underground, which serves as mankind’s sanctuary.

This is the Male Templar, caught in mid-slice, sending the undead back to the hell it came from.

[Source: Weta website]

We managed to have a bit of fun taking photos of this despite the lack of lighting and space to maneuver. This was also the first time I used the gorillapod, and who knew that thing was slightly challenging to use! It took some getting use to, but I got there in the end. I took some with the pod and some without (yeah, my hands are steady when taking pictures, but not that steady!), and some photos were taken by J (we had double ups, but some pics came out better when he took it).

All images are © copyright of the photographer. You may NOT replicate, manipulate, modify, or use these images in any way without permission.


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