Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular came to Wellington (and I got to watch!)

For a big sci-fi fan, I was a late bloomer when it comes to Doctor Who. I didn’t grow up with the series like a lot of people did, but I was aware of the story and the influence the series have in the science fiction world.

I am, however, a big fan of Torchwood. Found it by luck too. I couldn’t sleep and was watching late night re-runs when Torchwood season 1 was on. I was hooked since. Aside from the odd episodes here and there, I didn’t watched Doctor Who until a friend lend me a copy. I watched the first episode, but didn’t get into it right away. It wasn’t until after I went to Auckland Armageddon Expo, where I met and listened to some of the casts of Doctor Who (they were amazing and very lovely, by the way) that I decided to give it another go. And what do you know? I went on a Doctor Who binge over summer. So… eventhough I haven’t watched all of it, I was still very excited when the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular came to Wellington.

We were sitting upstairs, three rows back, and somewhere not too far away from the middle. So, we still got quite a good view.


At the walk-in state we were treated with blue lights sweeping across the venue, occasionally caught us in the eyes. Having worked in the venue plenty of times for shows (albeit different type of shows), I’d be honest, I had never seen TSB Bank Arena full in that setup, and it was quite a sight. From above, I could see so many people dressed up as Doctors, and so many kids had their eyes glued to the program, and overheard parts of conversations between parents and their little kids, explaining passionately of what the show was about, who the Doctor was, etc. Just simply being there was quite an experience on its own.



Then, the show started, even from the opening piece I knew that I made the right choice for coming. We were continuously spoiled by treats like light shows, great music, and creatures appearances on and off stage. The fifth Doctor, Peter Davison came on stage as the host, and was welcomed warmly by the audience. He spoke a lot about the cricket that got us laughing. I personally am not a cricket fan, but I could follow. The interaction between him and the conductor, Ben Foster was great too. I loved that.




The music brought a mix of emotions to me as it played to the clips showed on the big screen above. I almost cried when Rose Tyler said her goodbye, and again, when they played to Amy Pond’s last moments. Then I felt the shivers down my spine as they played chilling music to the monsters’ montage. It really was an emotional roller coaster, peaking at the piece dedicated to all the doctors (for me, anyway). The show closed with the well recognized theme, and ended with standing ovation from the audience. It really was a spectacular performance. I’m actually having trouble putting what I experienced into words because it really was that good. If I could go and watch it again, I so totally would! I’d say even if you weren’t a Who fan, you would appreciate the show! Yes, it was simply stunning!

After the show I was hoping to get an event t-shirt, but they ran out of my size, so I got myself a mug and a program instead as mementos. It was an epic start to NZ Festival, and I’m glad I was able to witness it. This was  my first time to watch NZSO and Orpheus Choir of Wellington performing live, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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2 Responses to Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular came to Wellington (and I got to watch!)

  1. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh – after reading your review now I really wish I had gone! Sadly, just couldn’t afford the trip to Wgtn this time around. But with it being such a huge success, hopefully it will be back again in two years. If so, I’ll make sure I get to that!

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