Day 4 Auckland Armageddon Expo 2013

I couldn’t believe how fast the weekend went. It felt like I only arrived in Auckland yesterday after looking forward to the event for months! But you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

I started my day by getting a “head in a jar” by Dean Rankine. I was so happy to get it done since I missed out the last time he was at Armageddon (Wellington). He was very friendly and a very cool guy! :D I bought a couple of comics too, followed by a Riese: Kingdom Falling DVD (been wanting one for awhile). My partner went and bought Drawn Together boxset he had his eyes set on since the first day we were there, I have to say I’m quite glad he bought it, it’s an awesome series.

We then went to the review session at 11am, where we got to meet the organizers. I thought it was great to have the opportunity to talk with them, and hearing what other people think of the event, as well as what the organizers think of it. A lot of the issues we had in the event was brought up and discussed there. I thought that was a really good session. At the end of it, I even got Bill to sign the copy of “The Time Travelling Tourist” comic I bought.

IMG_3701 IMG_3766

It was Doctor Who day on Stage 2, and later on I was torn between Supernatural panel and Doctor Who panel that were happening at the same time (I wanted to go to both, especially that Ty Olsson was going to call in via Skype). After a long think about it, I decided to go and stay at the Doctor Who panel. So I was there for Ian McNeice and Simon Fisher-Becker‘s panel, and had a great time :)

IMG_3779 IMG_3778

I missed out on Catrin Stewart’s panel though, but took the opportunity to go around finding lunch (which was challenging for me due to dietary restrictions). I finally found the food cart that have food that are safe for me to eat (not necessarily a healthy food option but it’s food and I’m not complaining – someone actually brought up the topic about having more healthy food option on the show grounds next time, and quite frankly, I agree with her). It was a gorgeous day outside with a little bit of a breeze.


Getting around the venue was still a little difficult (but better than the first 2 days) due to the number of people attending, there were still time when I had to squeeze through a bunch of people who stood in the middle of the floor, the singing area was still as busy as the previous day. I took another good look around the stalls, and this time I bought Lexx boxset. I remembered I used to watch Lexx on late night TV so many years ago, and remembered loving it, so I’m glad I finally got the boxset. I bought Farscape The Peacekeeper War DVD for our friend who have been unable to find it in any video rental shop in Wellington, so we decided that we’d get him a copy. I also looked around again for figurines my friend asked me to find, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any.


I came back to stage 2 for Dan Starkey‘s panel. My partner and I had the opportunity to talk to him during the cocktail party too, he was lovely, a really cool and funny guy. Definitely got me laughing and I really enjoyed his talk. He was very energetic too.

IMG_3861 IMG_3897

The VIP panels came next, and it was Billy Boyd‘s panel first. I really enjoy his session, was laughing away and he was really nice. Then came Ben Browder‘s panel, and it turned out that Ben had been sitting in the back seat during Billy’s panel. Lol. His panel was really relaxed and chilled, a nice way to end the event.

By the time we got out of the panel it was still gorgeous outside, and some exhibitors had started packing things up. The event had come to an end. It was an epic weekend, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend, it was amazing, and I had a really good weekend that would get me smiling and on the buzz for weeks.

The learning experience

I learned a lot about my camera during this event. I take pictures because I love it, but I don’t take photos of people as often as I’d like, and I found it really hard to capture that exact moment I wanted with the right lighting and effects I wanted. I learned a lot by experience, trial and errors, talking to my friends who are good at it and to some who are photographers, and I have to admit I don’t take my camera out for a shoot often enough. There were times when I’d go for weeks without taking any photos, and I’d feel it the next time I picked up my camera and unable to get decent shots. My partner shot a film camera during this event, I admire that, there was no way I’d have the patience to shoot film during this event. I’d need a more controlled environment for that and a lot of practice (but hey, my first go at shooting with a SLR camera turned out to be great). So below are the top 3 favourite photos I took in this event.

#1: Ben Browder VIP Panel.


This is my number 1 favourite photo throughout the entire event. I like this one because I managed to capture the exact moment I wanted, his body was squared on facing the camera (apart from his head), he was smiling, and there was enough light to make the shot work. I tend to like taking pictures of people when they are focused on something else (and not the camera).

#2: Billy Boyd VIP Panel


When I picked up my camera, it was luck that I framed on this shot. As soon as I saw it in the viewfinder, I didn’t think any further and hit the shutter straight away (focus first, of course). Luckily my settings were from the earlier panel and were already suitable for this room.

#3: Gigi Edgley VIP Panel


As soon as she lifted her hands, I knew the picture I wanted to take, unfortunately, I missed the moment I wanted to take by milliseconds, when she had her hands slightly further apart. But nevertheless, I still really like this photo.

Thank you

Thank you very much for staying with me and for reading my posts on Armageddon Expo. I think after all these posts, I will have Armageddon Expo as a category on my blog. I will do so very shortly.

Until next time :)

All images are © copyright of the photographer. You may NOT replicate, manipulate, modify, or use these images in any way without permission.


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