Ben Browder VIP Panel (Day 4 Armageddon Expo Auckland 2013)

It turned out that Ben had been sitting at the back during Billy Boyd’s panel :p Ben’s panel was very relaxed and chilled, and he was telling stories from his early days, the differences working with the Farscape and Stargate crew, and how he got Stargate. His panel was the last one for this event, and it was such the perfect way to end this epic weekend. Thank you Ben for that lovely panel.

Photos below. Click to enlarge.

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HINT: If you scroll to the very bottom (to the last photo), you’d find my favourite shot that I took throughout the entire weekend, and I am aiming to get more like that and better for the next time I take portrait photos. I know it’s not technically perfect, but it was a perfect shot to me, because I managed to capture the exact moment and composition I wanted. I don’t get this feeling very often, I could count with my hands how many times I felt this way after looking at the photo I took and say that it was my perfect shot, so I treasure this moment and definitely aim to get more next time and improve.

And my here’s favourite shot of the entire event:



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