Day 3 Auckland Armageddon Expo 2013

First of all, thank you very much for sticking with me and reading this post even after I filled your inbox/twitter feed/facebook newsfeed with the flow of Armageddon Expo posts today. I’m trying to post them all up as soon as possible before leaving it for too long (I still have day 4 entries to post), and since the chances of me posting during the week is rather slim (work and training would take most of my time, but I will try to post), I’m trying to get most of them done in the weekend. So thank you very much for your patience :) Anyway, on with it…

We spent the morning doing rounds to have another look around, and we also got some pictures of the cosplayers. There are some really impressive ones out there! Wow. I wish I have the skills and patience to make costumes with that much details! Ones I love were the steampunk ones (I just love steampunk! They’re awesome!). I also spotted an awesome female Commander Sheppard costume, but did not get  a picture because I saw her from far away. I also got myself an appointment to get a head in a jar drawing by Dean Rankine. Oh yeah!! I missed out the last time he was down in Wellington because he was already fully booked, so I was very happy to be able to get an appointment to get one done :D

IMG_3497 IMG_3540

We made our way to stage 2 and sit in for the panel sessions. We started wit Jason Carter – Babylon 5 panel, which was a lot of laugh and by the end of it my cheeks hurt because I was laughing too much.  Then it was followed by Dean Stockwell – Quantum Leap/Battlestar Galactica panel. I love both shows, and was glad that I got to meet the man.


I missed out on Norman Lovett – Red Dwarf panel though because I was getting my photo taken with Gigi Edgley, Tony Amendola and Dean Stockwell, and I also needed to go get some lunch. My partner later told me how awesome it was and filled me in with what I missed. I made it back for Tony Amendola’s panel, which was awesome and I had a really good time :)

IMG_3620 IMG_3671

Afterwards it was the 2 VIP panels, the first one was Gigi Edgley, which was really entertaining and I couldn’t believe how fast the hour went past, and then followed by Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis, which was great :)

We made our way back not long after the last panel, and by that time we were starving, it was very hard for me to find anything safe for me to eat at the showgrounds. We had a good day though :)

Thank you for reading guys, I will post day 4 entries as soon as possible.

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