Day 2 Auckland Armageddon Expo 2013

It was day 2 of Armageddon Expo! I was very excited as I was getting ready for the day. Traffic going into the venue was madness! (and we were early because we wanted to catch the screening of Space Milkshake). The entry was slightly less clear than yesterday as when we came in there was no one at the front door, and not everyone read the signs on the door indicating the ticket holder and the ticket sales doors, so in result there were quite a few people lining up on the wrong lane and had to turn back and go into the right lane, which of course, held up the queue a little. But hey, we got in, and we went straight to the main auditorium to catch Space Milkshake, we were slightly late, but it’s ok, we still got there within the first 10 minutes I think.

Anyway, I must warn readers that due to the nature of my job, there will be some comments on technicality in my post/s. I’ll keep these to minimum.

Space Milkshake

The movie was about four astronauts (played by Billy Boyd, Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne and Kristin Kreuk) who were stranded in a sanitation space station. Oh I really wished I could stay until the end of the movie because I was really really really enjoying it!! It’s a lot of fun and I don’t think I’d be able to look at a rubber duck the same way ever again!

While the movie was AWESOME, there was a buzzing noise which I assume was part of the soundtrack from the movie (humming of the ship), and my partner reckon it was the result of the sub being driven too high during the viewing that it became a continuous hum that was annoying and to be honest was giving me a headache. I was surprised no one noticed it or nothing was done to it. Anyway, I had to leave the auditorium early because I was attending the Stargate/Farscape brunch, so I left as it was getting good.

Stargate/Farscape Brunch

I met a lovely lady in a lovely purple dress named Kaz, she’s the author of The Atlas Chronicles, and made friends with her. We waited around by the info desk for quite awhile before we were led to the brunch room. The brunch was lovely, we had good chats with Ben Browder, Tony Amendola, and Gigi Edgley. I was amazed by Gigi’s heels and how she could walk so gracefully in them. Ben was awesome and funny, he shared the things he enjoys doing while away, and Tony Amendola was very lovely and friendly (and he remembers me! :D)

IMG_3284 IMG_3298

I’m still trying to get the group picture that has Gigi on it (she was missing from my one because this particular one was taken moments before she came back after stepping out of the room briefly).

After the brunch I got photos taken with Ben Browder and Rick Worthy. I was wearing my Cylon glowing spine t-shirt for this purpose ;) And Rick was awesome! He had a lot of fun at the photo shoot before the photo session started. Haha. Then I managed to catch the tail end of Matt Melvin‘s Cyanide & Happiness panel, my partner later told me how awesome that panel was (he follows the web comic religiously).

The Panels

IMG_3317 IMG_3406

The Doctor Who group panel with Catrin Stewart, Dan Starkey, Ian McNeice, and Simon Fisher-Becker, and it had a huge turnout, the auditorium was full and the audience gave them a very warm welcome. Wow! I haven’t watched all of Doctor Who myself but I still thoroughly enjoyed the panel, and the guests were a lot of fun. Next was Farscape/Stargate SG1 panel with Ben Browder and Gigi Edgley, and again, the audience gave them a very warm welcome. I had a lot of fun listening to their stories and was left curious of what happened in Mexico (as I’m sure everyone in the auditorium was).

I did find it odd that the imag in the auditorium had ground roll, while the image was also soft and smaller than the actual people on stage (I don’t see why they would be bothered doing imag if there would be no closeups). Photos on my blog were taken by my faithful zoom lens between people’s heads in front of me, so I didn’t have a lot of room to move (hence the lack of Simon Fisher-Becker’s photos). But, I’m still happy with how some of the photos turn out. I found it hard to get good pictures in the condition (I had to ditch lots of photos while I was filtering it), especially when there was no back light (which I found a little strange in this particular set up), and my partner had leave his beloved Canon SLR out on this one due to the lack of light, especially when he had a black and white film loaded. It’s too bad, because apparently he had a perfect framing and angle sorted out… it’s okay though, next time ;)

IMG_3313 IMG_3303

We went back to the hotel after this panel and another round of the venue to have a look at more things. I actually wanted to stay for the Supernatural and LOTR/Hobbit VIP panels, but I really had to get back to the hotel to get ready for the cocktail party and get something to eat (having food intolerances really sucks in this situation).

The Cocktail Party

The cocktail party was at Pullman Hotel, which was a lovely hotel, by the way, though I was a little sad when I took a peek at the hotel bar and did not find Monkey Shoulder whisky on their shelf (I was craving a whisky old fashion), and I thought we could stop and have a drink at the bar after the cocktail party :p But anyway, the cocktail party was great, the snacks looked good (I didn’t eat them though due to my food intolerances). I admit I’m not really a social butterfly, so getting started for me was hard, took awhile to get into it and the credit must go to my partner, as he helped me with it. It’s funny though, at work I never really think much about it even when the person I was meeting is someone I admire, because I was there to do a job. As a punter in this kind of situation, however, it took awhile to approach people I admire, and sometimes I brought work face with me (you know, the I’m very happy to get to meet you as I admire your work, but my face doesn’t show it because I have the work mask on – LOL). But yes, I did get photos with some of them ;)

One of the things I treasure from this event is the friends I made at the event. As I’ve mentioned in my Day 1 post, I met up with a friend I met in Wellington Armageddon (we sat next to each other on the panel sessions and that’s how we get to know one another), and through her, I made new friends, and I’m very grateful to have met them :)

IMG_2612 watermarked

We left the Pullman Hotel once the party was winding down and didn’t end getting an old fashion from the bar, but I had a great night and was glad that I went to the cocktail party :)

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