Nikkormat EL – Father’s Day Special

It’s the first Sunday of September, so I’d like to say Happy Father’s day to all Dads out there! Since it’s Father’s Day (for some of us anyway), I thought I’d post on a little something my Dad gave me not too long ago. It came up when my Mum spotted me and my partner experimenting with an old camera that my bestfriend entrusted us to take care of, and Mum commented how she had something similar when she was younger. Then my Dad saw it too, and said that he has an old camera that he bought when he was studying aboard and asked me if I wanted it, since he doesn’t use it anymore. So of course I said yes please, and they brought it with them the next time they came to visit.

So here it is, my Dad’s camera, the Nikkormat EL, he bought this in Germany in around 1970ish (he didn’t tell me when exactly). Still in good condition, perhaps just needed a little clean, fresh batteries and a roll of film, but everything looks like it’s in a good working order. I haven’t had a chance to have shoot with it yet but definitely looking forward to it (I have a plan of use for it in mind in the near future). I’d say more about it but all the paperwork are in Japanese with no English translation, so please resort to Wikipedia for more info.

I have to mention that I also really like the bag that came with it. Somehow I really like the old school camera bags and leather cases, there’s something about them that is just so neat. Anyway, this camera came with some accessories, but what I don’t get was where did the Teleconverter fit into? Because it doesn’t fit with this system. So that remains a mystery and I’m sure between me and my partner, we’ll find a use for it. Thank you, Dad :)

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