It was a shaky Friday

So, not really newsflash, but I was busy keeping myself busy and distracted and didn’t end up posting this earlier.

I found out that being in the workshop, in the middle of high shelves, with heavy gear on it during an earthquake was TERRIYING. Sure, I was told that the shelves are secured to the ground and that heavy stuff are less likely to move around, BUT, there are a lot of smaller and lighter things on the shelves that could get knocked off, and they’re all in road cases. I was not going to take any chances by staying on that spot, especially when there are nothing to dive under (were working on top of a cable pig so no desk or anything sturdy to go under), so I went for the nearest door frame.

What happened was, my colleague and I were loading files for a show next week, which I was very excited about (my first show operating Watchout – I’ve been waiting for the opportunity for a very long time, I’ve build files for it, but never actually operated it in a show) when the first one hit. “Is that an…” my colleague didn’t even finish her sentence before I went towards the door, she followed soon after as the earth moved and everything shook and rattled. It took awhile before it stopped and the boys came out from the back of the workshop to check if everyone’s okay and hit the Geonet website straight away. It was a magnitude 6.6.

I sent txt message to my partner to check if everything is ok and when I didn’t hear from him for awhile, I tried calling but network was overloading. Ideally I wouldn’t call because the network would be busy anyway, save it for emergency, but when I didn’t hear anything for over half an hour, I was worried. Finally I got through and could breathe easier when I found out that everything was okay. Network was down, and his txt didn’t get through until way later.

It didn’t stop there though, as another one hit, and by the time the third hit, I was off the chair so fast that I even took my paperwork with me. We had a swarm of them and I was jumpy for the rest of the afternoon. Muay Thai class that night had been cancelled, and most office workers were evacuated from their buildings and were told to go home. Traffic was nuts because of lack of public transport. I was slightly envious to those who got to go home, because at work, I couldn’t concentrate, and constantly on edge waiting for when and how big would the next one be. I couldn’t decide which was worse, being in the middle of the workshop with heavy stuff all around me or being at the office, the yellow-stickered building (for those who don’t know, the yellow sticker means that the building is Earthquake Prone and due for strengthening). Even as I was sitting at the local bar after work waiting for traffic to calm down, I was half off my stool ready to go under the bar as a small aftershock hit. It wasn’t fun. All I wanted was to get home as soon as possible and have a stiff drink (that didn’t happen either. I forgot all about the drink and played Minecraft instead to take the edge off – not really a big drinker here, so Minecraft actually was more appealing than a drink).

In summary the first one hit at 14.31 NZ time followed by a lot of aftershocks, many of them were greater than magnitude 5. My phone kept beeping continuously with messages from worried friends and family, and I don’t blame them. If I was the one hearing the news about it, I’d be on the phone too.

For more details have a look here:

So my plan to post more on the Pentax Auto 110 (yes, more stuff came with it) was distracted by a lot of things this weekend. The house needed cleaning (fortunately it was not earthquake related), and I had quite a bit of work to do… it was enough to keep my mind at ease, and I have Minecraft, enough to have me cursing as I tried to find my way around a mineshaft. Lol.

Anyway, stay safe, everyone! :)


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