So on a quiet Friday morning at work I was in the middle of doing motion graphics experiments when I felt the desk moved, followed by a brief rumbling sound, then it stopped (or I thought it did) after a second or two, but then I heard one of my colleagues saying “It’s still going. Get down” and sure enough I felt and heard it again, the rumbling and shaking. I automatically looked at the server rack at the back of my office, making sure the door is closed and secured, which it was (I’d normally make sure that it’s closed everytime I entered the room, but I couldn’t help but to look just to be sure). It’s suppose to be closed anyway, but I’ve come across it with the door open/not secured more than a couple of times when no one was working on it or minding it (grrr). Thankfully the quake went away not long after (though it felt long to me), but not without leaving me with racing heart beat for awhile after. At home it was all okay, the quake knocked over 3 Dunny toys off its shelf (I really should blue tac them on!). It took me almost an hour to get myself back to the headspace I was in before, because I was on the look out for aftershocks. Twitter and Facebook were flooded with tweets and status updates from people in the region regarding the quake, and eventually I found the info on the quake.

This morning there was another string of tweets and status updates regarding this morning earthquake. Most complaining about being woken up by it, etc. I was fast asleep when it happened, and I was kinda glad that I was, because I’d be super scared otherwise.

Fore more info, go here:

The quakes did make me go over my emergency supplies inventory and plans in my head though, and I suddenly didn’t feel so great. I never liked to think about it, it gives me a queasy feeling in my stomach, but it is one of those things you have to think about. Numerous times I rehearsed in my head where I should go, what I should do, etc and honestly it made me even more nervous. I’m not alone in it though, countless of people were reminded and reminding others to be prepared and go over their emergency supplies and plans (according to their twitter feeds). So I guess this is what I’m doing too, giving a reminder…

878051_85801803If you don’t have an emergency supply or emergency getaway kit and emergency plan, do yourself a favour and put a kit and plan together.

For more information on emergency plans and putting a kit together, I find this website to be helpful

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UPDATE 1: Just had another one at 1700 (Sunday) and this time it knocked a few little things off the shelves.

UPDATE 2: What you need to know –


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