Calm After the Storm

Checked the news this afternoon and 800 homes were still without electricity. According to the news, it was ‘worst in 45 years’ . So, Thursday night was dark and cold… we were one of many affected by the power outage due to the storm. The power had been fluctuating most of the night, and finally it went out around 2345-  it was expected though, so we were prepared with torches nearby. It didn’t take long to find the lantern and used that for most of the night. It was strange seeing the whole street went dark as the street light went off too. There were still houses and street with power on the other side of the hill, which went dark about 15 minutes after our area. The house shook from the strong wind and we had water pushing through our front door (not much, thankfully). Living in Wellington, I’m used to strong winds, but that was scary. My smartphone was at 5% battery though, so I texted my parents to get in touch on my other number if they need to. I did an emergency charge off a laptop to get it up to about 20% before going to bed.

I was planning to go to the gym in the morning but I woke up at 0500 and listened to how bad it was, I decided not to, especially when I couldn’t get 3G reception at the time to check if buses are running (I knew that trains were not running).  So getting ready in the dark was quite challenging. Turns out that the bus services were running behind schedule (as expected), but no other dramas, I got to work slightly late but again, that was expected. The boss had expected a few delays for the day due to the weather. Spent about 20 minutes convincing Mum (once I put my smartphone on charge) why I can get by without a Power Pack for my smartphone. We have landline as a backup, and I have backup cellphone that I can put my SIM card into if I need to. Sure, it would be convenient having a smartphone with 3G access (provided that we can get 3G services), but there are other means to get in touch (and emergency dynamo radio to listen to news and announcements).

Sometimes in the morning I got a text, the power is back on, which is good, because there were still a lot of areas without power. I even fit in a workout session at the gym after work – payback for not making it in the morning. We’re lucky, power only went out overnight, and we had no fallen trees or damages to the property. We only had to deal with the dark and the cold, which was manageable. Spent the whole Saturday at home not doing much, just staying warm. And woke up this morning, it was a nice day! A bit cold, but nice to see the sun is out and no wind hammering the windows and doors. So my partner can enjoy a nice day on his birthday :)

Stay warm! :)


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