Vinyl Toys Up Close

Trying out my compact macro lens on my vinyl toys. I simply love the amazing details the artists put on the toys.  I wished I thought of this earlier, it slipped my mind that I have toys with incredible details that would suit this purpose (my vinyl toys collection is sort of sacred, and so they stay where they are), and here I was waiting for some cool bugs to hang out in the garden so I can take pictures of it. Oops.

All images are © copyright of the photographer. You may NOT replicate, manipulate, modify, or use these images in any way without permission.

Dunny Post-Apocalypse: 3/32

IMG_2615 IMG_2613 IMG_2611 IMG_2604 IMG_2601 IMG_2599 IMG_2598 IMG_2597 IMG_2596

Dunny 2011: 1/20

IMG_2634 IMG_2621 IMG_2631

Dunny Series 5: MAD 2/25

IMG_2639 IMG_2641 IMG_2643

Lunatrix Series 2: Majes’Tea 1/16

IMG_2649 IMG_2650 IMG_2651 IMG_2653 IMG_2657

Pure Trance: Kiyomi

IMG_2659 IMG_2661 IMG_2665 IMG_2667 IMG_2668 IMG_2671 IMG_2672 IMG_2673


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