[HOW TO] Extract Content Files from Power Point

I know this has been posted online, but I learned this trick from someone I had the great opportunity to work with for a few days, and it has helped me at least a couple of times since then, so I thought I’d add this into my book of tricks.

To extract content files embedded in Power Point:

1. Make sure the file is a .pptx file

2. Locate the file and make a copy of it – I always make a copy for back up.

03 Powerpoint test

3. Change the extension of the copied file from .pptx to .zip

04a Powerpoint test

4. Extract the zip file

07 Powerpoint test

5. And now you have folders containing files embedded within the Power Point file.

08 Powerpoint test 09 Powerpoint test 10 Powerpoint test

Note: files made in Power Point 2007 (even if it’s .pptx) and earlier will not embed videos within the file.

Bonus tip:
If you are copying and pasting slides from another presentation file, check for any timed transitions programmed into the slides to avoid any surprises while presenting. To do this quickly, go to slide sorter. If the slide has timed transitions, it’ll show the timing under the slides.


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