Love-Hate Relationship with Farscape (mostly love)


Farscape boxsetIt has been a long journey finishing this! I remembered getting it before Christmas last year, and we only just finished watching it last week (yes, it took 6 months to finish watching the series… on DVD!!). With work getting a lot busier when we got to season 3, we didn’t have much time to watch.

It was a love-hate relationship for me. I love the series but there were times when I went “Uh… Okay… Not sure what just happened there…” or felt like the episode simply didn’t need to be there. But nevertheless, the characters grew on me. I remembered at the start I hated Rygel the most with his selfish characteristics, then D’Argo with his temper… and Aeryn with her mood… So it took me by surprise when I discovered that I loved those characters.

I always explained to my friends that it is pretty much the space Muppets for adults, which closely followed by it’s awesome! I do have the tendency to dissect and analyze every angle of the finished product. But over time I forgot that they were puppets, and started thinking them as real life characters. So I just sat back and enjoyed the show. (The make-up was amazing, btw, I just thought I make sure to mention that).

I have several favourite characters from all the Sci-Fi TV shows I watch combined, and Aeryn Sun is in the top list along with Kara “Starbuck” Thrace of BSG. However, I did have moments where I disliked her moody tendency towards Crichton, and especially hated the part where they flipped a coin. However, I later realized that I actually liked Aeryn as a whole character, flaws included. I’m also slightly envious that Claudia Black looked that good in leather.

John Crichton is undeniably (to me anyway) a very lovable character in the series. It didn’t take long for me to sympathize with him, and to love the character. He was entertaining, funny, spontaneous, and has a very hug-able aura oozing from him (if that even makes any sense).

And then there was the banter between Aeryn and John… priceless! I’m glad Ben Browder and Claudia Black played those characters because they had a certain chemistry that made the characters worked so well with each other.

There were a lot of episodes that made me left wondering if people were on crack when they did the stories… Though some were really enjoyable… I actually really enjoyed the wackiness of John’s head and we got a glimpse of Rygel in gimp suit (which by the way, is one of those things you just cannot unsee!!), and also the one when they switched bodies and they ended up wearing a tag with their photos on them. That was quite a crack up :)

Aside from Aeryn and John’s relationship, I really liked the relationship between Harvey and John, and also the Bromance between D’Argo and John which worth a mention, it was a solid bond between two good friends who had each other’s backs. And eventhough it wasn’t a relationship, I still have to mention that I found Crichton’s interactions with the DRD 1812 was simply adorable. I had the 1812 tune stuck in my head thanks to that episode.

Farscape has some great death scenes that left me teary eyed. What made me heartbroken about Aeryn’s death was actually John’s reaction to it, how he took it and how the crew mates came together and grieved for her. The death of Talyn’s Crichton was heart wrenching, and hands down it was one of the best death scenes I have seen on TV. Unfortunately I didn’t react as much to Zhaan’s death, but maybe because the episodes were leading to her death and I anticipated it. Crais’ death was noble, and I thought was very well executed. He needed the heroism. D’Argo’s death, however was heartbreaking and painful to watch, especially when John said that they’d miss him (and I shed a tear).

I like Jool a lot, she was great fun to watch, and I was sad when we said goodbye to her (though she came back in Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars), but I welcome the new character Noranti, I think she was nuts and although sometimes annoyed the hell out of me, she was entertaining and provided a lot of laughs, and so I liked her. And I do like Sikozu to an extent. Chiana was a lot of fun to watch, love the way she moves, she was hyperactive and have a child-like attitude which was refreshing to see. Stark got me laughing so hard with his wackiness. Pilot worth a mention. I love how the crew were over protective of Moya and Pilot, and also Talyn, and I see Pilot as their rock, a place for the crew to lean on and he was a dependable soul and their guide in their journey.

One of the highlight episodes for me was when John Crichton dressed in drag. He looked absolutely gorgeous in long hair, dress and make-up and Ben Browder seriously pulled it off really well! Kudos! That, and I loved how each characters reacted to being linked to each other. A lot of laugh there.

The wedding/birth scene in Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars was slightly awkward (I thought it could he shorter), but it didn’t stop me from laughing so hard that my tummy ached (poor Stark). I truly enjoyed that through and through. Though I love Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, I’m not entirely sure I like the drastic change in Sikozu and Jool that much.

Each and every characters are so unique, so defined that I can’t say one was better than the others, to me there was only personal preference. Each of them developed and grew so much as the show went on, some I hated at the start, but then I loved at the end. I even managed to sympathize with Scorpius!

Bravo on the actors, I think they did a wonderful job, make-up was awesome, and those puppets were amazing, they managed to breathe life into them, and the actors’ interactions with them made it believable, that was one of the main things I admire from this show.

I also feel like I need to mention the DRD 1812 would be my favourite with its personality and its ability to sing, I think it’s adorable :)

So would I recommend this show to anyone? Absolutely! In fact, I already have and managed to get a friend hooked into it! It was a TV Series full of fun, a lot of laugh and so many lovable characters. I love the show and I hope you do too :)


2 Responses to Love-Hate Relationship with Farscape (mostly love)

  1. You popped up on my Google search so I thought I’d leave a comment or two.

    “There were a lot of episodes that made me left wondering if people were on crack when they did the stories… ”

    Heh, weren’t there though. I was never a fan of most of season 4’s deviations such as Lava Is a Many Splendored Thing, and Coup By Clam; I felt a lot like I do when Game of Thrones shows a lot of boobs at the expense of actually showing me a story. I wanted more on Aeryn’s assassin days and how those might have come back to haunt her (they really didn’t).

    That being said, I absolutely love this show and name it my favorite of all time. Ben and Claudia had/have amazing chemistry (see their convention appearances) and were believable in their roles. And I agree with your assessment about coming to love the characters in spite of some head scratching with regard to plot.

    Glad you were able to make it through. I’ve watched and rewatched this show; believe it or not, it’s one of those shows where you find even more on mutiple viewings.

    Thanks for sharing the Farscape love.

    • bona92 says:

      Thanks for reading and the comment :) I can’t say much about GOT since I haven’t watched it >_< I got lots of gasps and "OMG I can't believe you haven't seen it!!" everytime I say that but yes, there were quite a few episodes I didn't like, and I also got annoyed with how they did a clip show. However, I certainly won't mind watching the series again at a later date :)

      Yeah, I'm glad I got through it, because it was incredible, and it also made me want to build a DRD :)

      Thanks again for reading and commenting :)

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