The Armageddon Expo Experience

I meant to post this yesterday, but I didn’t realize there are so many things to do once I got home and sort out all the pictures I took over the weekend, and next thing I know, it was 10pm already!

I was very happy to be able to attend all three days of Armageddon Expo this year, it has been a fantastic experience, and I really wish I could go to more conventions.

For more photos of the panels, please go to the individual entries.

Day 1

Having the expo at Westpac Stadium was quite a change. I liked that we get to do laps instead of zig-zag-ing at the TSB Bank Arena, however, the Stadium is a bit far from everything, and food was a challenge for me thanks to my food intolerances.

You may have noticed I didn’t have a separate photo journal entry for Armageddon Expo Day 1, well that’s because I made a conscious decision to leave my camera at home since I planned to be there all day, and go shopping, I thought it would make it easier to walk around if I didn’t have to carry around my camera. Though this was a decision I came to regret later on. I took some photos with my iPhone though.

As per my usual routine at Armageddon Expo in the past, I spent the first day going around checking out merchandises and stands while they were still fully stocked. I made sure I came by the op-desk to see one of my colleagues who was working on the gig, and said hi before doing the laps.

I also made a stop at Reel Collectibles stand and bought some vinyl toys to add to my collection: Dunny Post-Apocalypse, Dunny 2012 series and Lunatrix series 2. I need to get more shelves at home! I’m running out of display space! And I’m anxiously waiting for Dunny 2013 series release on July 11th!!


Jason Momoa Panel

Then of course, the panel I could not miss!! Jason Momoa panel! Now… I think I was one of the minority of people (though my partner teased that I may be the only one) attended his panel who hasn’t seen Game of Thrones. Yeah… I know, I’m a bit of a slacker, but there is only so many TV series I can watch at a time without losing sleep and I just haven’t made it to Game of Thrones yet… I’m still catching up with a few TV series and trying to get my hands on the last season of Sanctuary on DVD, and I just finished watching (when I don’t have to work late) Farscape, which I will post about sometimes later. So yeah, I kinda felt a little left out when discussions went towards GOT, but at least I’m not bothered by spoilers.

Jason Momoa panel

So obviously, instead of Khal Drogo, I love Jason Momoa’s character Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis. I’m big on the Stargate series, my Dad and I watched the original movie over (with Kurt Russel as Col. Jack O’Neil) and over, and we watched quite a bit of the SG-1 series too. Then I got my partner into it, watched the whole thing (Stargate – SG1 – SGA – SGU), and we thoroughly enjoyed it (though I’m not sure I like SGU that much).

My first impression was that Jason was a big dude! He’s nice and funny too, and got lots of the girls screaming (no surprises there), especially when he bent over. That was quite a laugh, well he knows how to engage the audience. But I was more interested to the fact that he did his own stunts and that he does boxing, and I couldn’t help to wonder how he’d be like in a real fight. Lol. Overall, he was fun and I really enjoyed the panel. I wished I had my camera with me to take pictures.

After the panel, me and my mates went around the stadium again, and I went to get autographs from Joe Flanigan and Jason Momoa. Joe was amazing, he was very friendly and very nice too. It was lovely to meet him in person.

I then got myself DVDs from the Madman stand: Tokyo Gore Police (ooooh yeah!!!), Season 1-4 Venture Brothers, and Space Battleship Yamato. Also since I’m so obsessed with Mass Effect Trilogy, I got a ME Comic Book, ‘Mass Effects: Invasion’ from Mightyape stand. Good stuff!

DVDs Mass Effect

Later on the day I got a photo taken with Joe and Jason… I felt really short standing (in heels) next to them. But they were nice and friendly. I was very happy for the opportunity to meet two of my TV heroes in person :)

Day 2

Day 2

I was armed with my beloved camera and ready to face day 2 of Armageddon Expo. I came in early enough to get a seat in front of a pillar so that if I want to stand to take pictures, it wouldn’t bother anyone behind me (front seats were taken already). Though I’d have to say that I couldn’t help but drool when I saw someone using a Canon L series zoom lens… Oh what a beauty!!

The Hobbit Dwarves Group Panel


The Hobbit panel was very entertaining and the actors were lovely. I love their dynamic, and they can sing very well! A fan had a birthday and the cast sang a Happy Birthday for her before she got a hug from everyone of them. Aaaaw so lovely! Then they sang again for us. They sounded really good! Somewhere in the conversation Sylvester McCoy expressed a strong dislike towards the hedgehog, and actually got to meet the animator. Haha. The audience was great, and everyone loved them.

Tony Amendola ‘Once Upon A Time’ Panel


Now, Tony Amendola is such a lovely man, he was very thoughtful too. I watched a little bit of Once Upon a Time, but I haven’t got to the parts that have him in it, however, I really enjoyed his role as Bra’tac. I think he did the part very well, and I just loved it, so I really enjoyed his panel. Later on I went by his signing stand and had a bit of a chat with him, he was very friendly and (again) lovely. He asked what my name means before signing the photo for me.

Yeardley Smith, ‘Lisa Simpson’ Panel


Yeardley Smith was up next, and oh my, her normal voice really sound similar to Lisa Simpsons’. She was a lovely lady and was funny too. Unfortunately I don’t watch The Simpsons that much, but I enjoyed all the episodes I watched… but it did make me feel slightly disconnected to the conversations. I enjoyed the panel and her presence anyway.

Stargate Atlantis Group Panel


Then I couldn’t help but be a little fan girl in the inside when it was time for the Stargate Atlantis group panel. The group had a nice dynamic and was very entertaining. We learned that Joe and Jason’s answer to most questions to be “I like beer”, and that the two get along very well together. I enjoyed the banter between Joe, Jason and Mitch, and their on-set stories while shooting the series.

I did another lap after the panels, but didn’t stay for long because I was needed back at home for the pizza party we were hosting at home. LOL. So yeah… after a wonderful day at Armageddon (though a small part of me wished I’d stay slightly longer. Haha), I went home to have some quiet time with a bunch of friends with some home-made woodfire pizza it was wonderful. Though the weather turned bad and we had to stop making pizza after the pizza oven refused to retain the heat, but hey, we were full and all happy. It was a great way to end the day.

On the day

Day 3

Day 3

Not only I was armed with my camera (again), I was also armed with slightly warmer clothes this time. It was slightly colder than the previous days, and I’m glad I did because it was cold sitting down in the Stadium.

Animation Guests Panel


I don’t really watch cartoon or Anime anymore, but I have to say that I actually enjoyed Ben 10. I used to watch it before going to work when I was still living in the Wellington CBD area. So I really enjoyed the Animation Guests Panel with Meagan Smith (Ben 10), Christopher Smith (Monsuno/Lego Batman) and Janet Varney (Avatar: The Legend of Korra). They had some good advice too. They were really chatty and a lot of fun.

Mitch Pileggi, ‘X-Files’ / ‘Supernatural’ Panel


Mitch was amazing. I didn’t watch that much X-Files, but I remembered him in it, and I don’ t watch Supernatural (I try to avoid horror genre), or Sons of Anarchy, but I like him as Col. Caldwell in Stargate Atlantis (of course). He told some stories from his early days and I enjoyed listening to the experiences he shared with us. Overall, he was just really lovely and very attentive.

Joe Flanigan, ‘Stargate Atlantis’ Panel


I can’t deny that I really love Joe’s character John Sheppard in Stargate Atlantis, I think he was funny, laid back, and worked really well in the show, he was very entertaining, and one that kept me hooked in the series. I also enjoyed Joe’s other roles such as Jeff Weaver (Warehouse 13), Robert Danzig (Fringe) – eventhough it was brief, and Andrew Fayden (6 Bullets). Honestly I was excited to watch 6 Bullets since Jean-Claude Van Damme is my childhood action hero, and also was one of the actors who inspired me to keep practising my martial arts (the others were Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal and Jet Li – and I almost forgot to mention Mark Dacascos!!). So when I heard about Joe Flanigan and Jean-Claude Van Damme starring in ‘6 Bullets’, I was quite excited! :)

Now… my eyes kept being drawn to Joe Flanigan’s shoes while he was on stage. I was on the front row and the shoes were so bright (I seriously love those shoes! They’re really cool!) that my eyes were just drawn to it (and I was pretty sure my camera made a decision to focus on them too! I had to manual focus on a lot of the shots I took). I thoroughly enjoyed his panel session (and I agree with him, ‘Vegas’ was an amazing episode and that if SGA was to continue, it would be great to pick it up from there).

The Overall Experience

My feet were sore from being on my feet for long period of time at Armageddon, walking around and all, but I saw so many amazing costumes, made a new friend, and generally had an amazing experience during the event. So here are some more photos from the events.

Pirate Signing IMG_2550 IMG_2551 IMG_2552 IMG_2558 IMG_2560 IMG_2563 IMG_2573 IMG_2575 IMG_2581 IMG_2586

It was an AMAZING weekend and I’m still buzzing from it :D Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy the photos.

All images are © copyright of the photographer. You may NOT replicate, manipulate, modify, or use these images in any way without permission.


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