Auckland trip (for work) – May 2013

I was up in Auckland from 5th-10th May 2013 for work, we were working on a big conference in the city. I enjoyed the experience working with different people and client, and I definitely loved the fact that they took really good care of us, and they fed us well (I’m pretty sure I gained weight), and I learned so many new things too, which I’m sure will be incredibly useful in the future. Overall, I had a great time up there.

One of the troubles I found in Auckland though, it was very hard to find decent healthy food around in the city for dinner, but maybe because I didn’t know where to go. In my trip, all I found was junk food… Junk food… And more junk food… I’m a little sick of eating Koreans and Japanese all the time. Having food intolerances didn’t help, especially when the decent places would most likely not have many (or any at all) options for me. The restaurant we ate at during the duration of the conference was nice… though it would have been much nicer if I don’t have dietary requirements. I spent the first 3 days with an upset stomach, because I found out later on that the cooked vegetables have butter in it (including steamed ones). That’s the trouble, the chef/kitchen staff didn’t get out unless they were refilling the buffet, and none of the tags have info for any allergens. When I asked the staff, I was surprised at how only very little amount of food in their big buffet that were actually safe for me to eat without having to resort to my digestive tablets, which I’m trying to avoid anyway as they are reserved for emergencies and treats (and they’re not exactly cheap).

In the end, Dunkin Donut was my (unhealthy – things I’m not supposed to eat) treat, and eventhough I am paying for it now, it was still worth the digestive tablets. It’s once in a blue moon thing anyway considering there’s no Dunkin Donut anywhere else in the country. The meal at the hotel we stayed on was great, I loved it, and I also went to Sal’s NY pizza with the boys… I have to say it was good (and also totally worth the digestive tablets needed), but I regretted it because I felt 10kg heavier the next day (ouch!).


The serviced apartments where I stayed at was nice… A little tired, but decent. Very nice staff. And one thing I loved about it was that it has laundry in the unit, it’s a big bonus point. I got a nice view too :)


I also went to Tanuki Japanese Sake Bar on Queen St, I went there for my 23rd Birthday and had a nice time there, so I thought I’d visit again. I was very happy with the service and the food was very yummy. I thought that deserve a mention :)

20130513-121243.jpg  20130513-122521.jpg

Now back in Wellington, back to normal life, I’m happy to be able to sleep-in and do nothing other than housework this weekend. After 4.30am wake up time followed by long hours while being far from the comfort of home for 5 days, it’s nice to be home :)


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