My take on Keynote

I’ve been using Powepoint for making graphics presentations for at least 5 years now. So when I first made an attempt to use Keynote to do seamless video presentation that Powepoint failed to do, my first urge was to blow a hole in the Mac (seriously) – and I’m a Mac user (not exclusively though).

Menu and options weren’t in a place that make sense, then you have this many steps to edit the object/s in your slides, and quite frankly it just didn’t make sense. I got frustrated by Powerpoint when I started using it, but I could pick it up after 10-15 minutes playing around with it.

Powerpoint did take awhile to come up with the ability to do minor video and audio editing within the program, and yes, it takes them awhile to come up with the ability of embedding videos within the presentation itself, but Powerpoint is easy to use and understand. I didn’t need to pull up tutorials unless I was doing something complicated (making Powerpoint presentations not to look like it was made in Powerpoint comes with the territory). While after 5 minutes on Keynote, I was already hitting the forums and tutorial pages.

So, will I use Keynote again in the future?

Yes. I don’t limit myself only to one program when it comes to presentation delivery. I have the same principal to what platform I use. I work on both Mac and PC, and I occasionally use Linux as well for simple things. I’d use what is best for the situation I was given.


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