“P Butter” Reviews Online

Reviews from 48Hours Review Database on our movie “P Butter” below (or click here to view from the Review Database)


“Another rather gross storyline, but fitted its genre effectively, had some funny moments and some strong performances. Production quality good, on the whole.” – by Joy Green (3.5 out of 5)


“A guy finds a pube in his butter and after his flat mates won’t confess who did it, he gathers samples for analysis by his medical-science type buddy.

From the team that brought us “DeVito” and “Poultry Pounder 3″ this is another exercise in craziness! Love the phone comment after the hang-up (gets me everytime). Some nice split screen work at the beginning and, in general, this looks and sounds great. Probably didn’t sustain my interest throughout as much as the other two I mentioned above, but nice comedic touches and one thing this team always does well is to not try and fill the 7 minutes – it seems that if the story is done it’s done. Good lesson there.” – by MistaTeas (3 out of 5)



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