48Hours 2011 Day 3

We sort of slept-in a bit, well… if you can call 3.5 hours a sleep-in, that is. But yeah, given the distance, we didn’t get back to the HQ until around 11.30am, good thing Daniel had made a start on some more editing. We spent most of the day editing, tightening cuts, and tidying things up.

In the afternoon the team went and shot our team intro out on the balcony, and also shot the “advert” for our closing scene. Once done they were brought back to the editing suite and we stitched them into our sequence.

Everything went great, audio recording went smoothly, as Jacob’s audio files started coming in, we finally started seeing our final product, it felt amazing. I even got to do a little color grading (very minor though). So as things finally ready for export, we were still ahead of time.

However, export to tape didn’t work… tried several times, rebooted several times… nothing works… I exported to file, and as soon as we got into the red zone, I spat the file (even that it still needed to be converted into the required format) to USB stick… and then I got the typical Windows 7 thing… very slow transfer to USB stick… yeah… that sucks bad…. and not just that, my laptop started being grumpy and software wouldn’t start… so there goes the hope of converting in the car, we just have to deal with .avi file.

The hand-in crew left and we all waited nervously…

It was past 19.00 when we received words, that when the hand in closed, they were only 2 minutes away from the venue… we heard that it was a slow exit from the motorway and they got quite a few red lights and a slow driver in front of them… so yeah, there we go… we missed our hand in… the very very very first time! It gave such a huge hit too. It was my first time missing the deadline in 4 years (5 for Jacob), while it’s the first time for the rest of the team to miss deadline in 7 years… of course we were sad… but you know what… we still made a movie in 48 hours and we’re proud of it. Next year we’ll do better :)

Movie link is coming soon… and if you’re in Heat 10, hope you like our movie, our title is “P Butter” – team: Pants Optional


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