48Hours 2011 Day 2

Jacob and I had sleep, which was good, given that we’d be working until some ungodly hours later on. Around mid day we finally make the move. Mostly were audio gear, since the editing suite was already at the HQ.

This year Dexter went on site too (but unfortunately didn’t make it into the film). So yeah, an hour later, we found ourselves our spots in the editing room.

It was about (I think) 3pm ish when the first tape came in… capturing went smoothly and I did the cut quite quickly too, just in time for the next tape that came in. The 2nd tape took me awhile to cut, but what do you know? I finished the cut just as the production team walked in with their 3rd time. Well timed!

After the 3rd tape finished transfer and I’ve checked that it played back fine, we went for dinner at a Fish and Chips shop nearby…  I’ve had it being discriminated for my food intolerances, just because I have dietary requirements don’t mean that I deserve a bad service, but because it was like the only thing open around the area, we still got it anyway (of course I wouldn’t get it if I don’t think it’s safe for me to eat), but  half hour/an hour after I ate, I realized it was a big mistake!

Well… the night went by, I finished the cut quite late, but the rest of the team were still out shooting more scenes. We received words later on that they were at the lab. At 2am I finally fell asleep on the couch only to be woken up by the gorgeous cat that decided my lap was a comfy spot for her to sit on. The team finally came back then, after capturing the 4th tape, we went home to get some sleep… well… didn’t really get to bed until just before 5am.


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