48Hours 2011 Day 1

A bit of a background story on how this year’s 48Hour came to be for me, as I have mentioned earlier, 2RhAB – Two Redheads and a Blonde didn’t enter in 2010. That year my partner was a part of  his friend’s team “De Vito” and made it to the 2010 finals. This year, we joined the same team (with a different name), “Pants Optional” (I’ve only found out the team name on the day). Months prior to the competition, there was a bit of me who wanted to revive 2RhAB – Two Redheads and a Blonde for this year, but after things got quite busy rather quickly and time was too tight for me to organize anything, I decided that it wasn’t a wise choice.

Now before I go any further, I was in the editing room for the whole shooting weekend, so unfortunately I only took very little pictures during the weekend, so this year’s 48 Hours doesn’t have big photo albums like the previous ones.

We got there just after midnight, well, I was operating on a show until 10pm, which btw, was spectacular. The show went great, venue looked fantastic and it ran on schedule. After work I went straight home and finished packing before making our way to the HQ in Porirua.

Got there when they were writing the script. So we got the run down of the movie, the flow, and finally was shown to our edit room. In it, there was an edit suite ready, now… this was my first year editing on someone else’s setup, and quite frankly the first thing I noticed was that it’s a gaming computer and had L4D2 installed on it! Oh temptation! AWESOMENESS!

We went home not long after that to have a good night sleep (much needed).

So here’s the details for this year’s competition:

Team name: Pants Optional

Genre: Mystery

Character: Bobby Young, an ex-bully

Prop: A bent bit of wire

Line of dialogue: “What have you got?”

Special tech element: The Freeze Frame Ending


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