Tips for Power Point Presenters

I learned that in conferences things can get busy very quick, so I thought I’d put this list of tips together, and I hope it can help some of you :)

1. If you have movies in your presentation, make sure you have the movie files with you, put it in the same folder as your presentation. Unless you created your presentation in Powerpoint 2010 (Windows – I’m not sure about Mac version, I don’t have experience with it), early versions of Powerpoint do not automatically embed the video/s in your presentation.

2. Don’t worry if when you get to your destination and your videos don’t work (this is why #1 & #5 are important) – this mainly happens if you created your document in Powerpoint 2007 or earlier. Some computers retain the link between the videos and the movie files, but sometimes due to directory differences from one computer to another, Power Point loses the link to the videos, when this happens, the person who is loading the presentation would need to re-insert the videos.

3. Check your video format. .wmv, .mp4, and .mov work in the newer versions of Powerpoint, but not in the earlier ones. For earlier versions I’d suggest using .wmv videos.

4. If you are using non-generic font/s in your presentation, make sure you have the font file/s with you, as these fonts will need to be installed on the computer you would be presenting on. If you do not have the fonts you are using in your presentation, Powerpoint will substitute this font and most of the times this means that adjustment would need to be made to fix the formatting error that may occur.

5. Arrive early, give yourself and the technicians time to check, load and test your presentation/s, even if you are using your own laptop.

6. Save your presentation file with your name and the event name to make it easier for the technician loading your presentation.

And an additional suggestion that may be helpful:

If you are not using a disc or email to submit your presentation, it would be a good idea that your USB data stick is not full of unnecessary files. The technician who receives and loads your presentation would most likely scan every USB sticks for viruses, and a full USB stick could sometimes takes awhile to scan.

All the best :)


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