48Hours 2008 Grand Final

Soooo… the day has come… at least this year most of the people from our team can make it to the public viewing at the Sports Cafe…

Although we didn’t make it in as the wildcards, we thought we’d check it out anyway… soon after most of us had gone since we couldn’t stand the sound in the venue. However, despite the inability to hear it properly, I liked “Beyond Belief” even though the storyline is quite similar to the one that I’ve heard or may have read when I was in highschool… but I have to say that I think it’s a clever way of using the Time Travel genre. I really do enjoy the movie. And plus, I almost participated with Jackie screaming the name “Kip”, “Joey” and “Sophie” as the Shortland St stars made their appearance throughout the movie.

2008 48Hours National winner:

Well done Puppy Guts for winning with “F*Dance”! I think it was a great movie. Yes, the idea of finger dancing has been around for ages (even played as one of my childhood games), but it’s very good to see the idea being brought into the screen in such a fun and entertaining manner.



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