48Hours Wellington Finals

The whole day was awesome!!! It was Cory’s birthday as well as the 48 hours Wellington finals.

Embassy was seriously packed!!!! I saw a few familiar faces too. Our group was pretty much spread out from the door to the stairs while waiting in line. Haha. So great to see everyone there!

It was great to see other good movies too! And it’s good to hear the cheers from people and knowing that they enjoyed our movie too :D

I really liked “Darlene”, this was the second time I saw the movie (or third, by the time if finished), and it was still awesome! It really deserved to be the Wellington winner! The other movie that I really liked was “Resignation” (also the second time watching it) despite all the bashing they’ve taken from other people in the forum. I truly liked the movie, I think it was beautifully done, good story, and I liked the way they used the character “Kerry Post”, I think it was brilliant!


OH YEAH!!!! We got nominated for a couple of things!!!! *squeal!!!!*

Lauren got nominated for best actress and we also got nominated for best editing :) We didn’t win prizes, but we’re so happy for the nominations. Now we’re just waiting for the Peter Jackson’s wildcards announcement! *fingers crossed*

Afterwards we went to the Malthouse to have a few drinks and managed to squeeze a Happy Birthday song to Cory (which he had been avoiding the whole day. Haha). Cory and I went home a bit after midnight and had more cake :D (YUMMY!!).

It was such a beautiful day!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D


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