Hazard at work

In short, I ran into it so hard that not only I broke it, but it left a scar on my thigh… read on…

Pictured, was a wound from my careless run into things prior to an award show… it was a few days old when I took the picture.

Rewind a few years,I competed in a few martial arts tournaments, and sustained injuries, from dislocated bones, to split lip, to bruises. And yes I have other injuries from dancing and tennis too.

I was burning a back up disc for an award show I was operating that night. I ran into a bit of problem burning the disc earlier so I had to hurry making another copy. Soooo…. silly me, once the computer spit the disc out, I hit the eject button again to close it but I didn’t pay attention that it didn’t close… I ran towards the workshop door and pretty much ran smack bang into the still open CD tray. I tried closing it again but it wouldn’t close, so I left it to get the venue as the van was about to leave, and I knew no one would get into my office. I just pushed the machine further in, just in case someone needed to get into my office to grab something. About twenty minutes before show I started to realize the throbbing feeling on my thigh where I hit the CD tray, then I felt the dripping sensation… I looked down… and only just found out then that I have been running around with a huge rip on my pants, and a deep gash on my thigh… ouch…. well… I had to go through a few bandages because the blood kept seeping through, and I covered the rip with black gaff tape (yup, they are brilliantly fully functional!), and it was throbbing throughout the show, luckily we got to sit down behind the op desk and had enough room to keep my leg straight. The next day I discovered that I had broken the CD tray which luckily it was fixed easily on the day.

So the lesson here… make sure your CD tray is closed no matter how much of hurry you’re in.


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