Day 3 – Sunday, 18 May 2008

NOTE: Format of this post – The Process (overall & log of what happened on the day), then followed by photos and story from the day.

The process:


The shoot

Animal footage- INDOOR


Scene/s: Footage of interaction with animals for opening sequence

Crew: Jarrod (as officer), Caroline (camera)

Apartment entrance – OUTDOOR

Camera/s: Canon XL 2

Scene/s: Apartment entrance – “wait a minute”

Crew: Dan (camera), Jacob (sound), Cameron (director), Brylee (as Kerry), Muts (as Tom), Ditha (traffic control), Patrick

Cut aways & additional stuff – OUTDOOR (inside the van)

Camera/s: Canon XL 2

Scene/s: Cut aways, rapey dolphin story, story of how Tom got the scar on his neck

Crew: Dan (camera 1), Jacob (sound), Brylee (as Kerry), Muts (as Tom)

Criminal report sketch – INDOOR

Camera/s: Canon XL 2

Scene/s: a victim describing the criminal that attacked her while a picture was being sketched

Crew: Cameron (Director), Dan (camera 1), Jacob (sound), Caroline (as the victim), Cory (as the sketching officer)

Necessary prop: Cory’s sketch pad, the sketch and pencils


Additional foley – Pat’s voice for cereal scene

Sound Effects & music

Further edits

Video & Sound (dialog) Editing

Delivery to the drop off


Pack out & clean up

Zzzzzzz….. zzzzzzz…. zzzzzzzz……

End of Day 3

Day 3 Story

Well… at 5.45am I woke up and took a shower and got ready… bloody hell, it was freezing (I think that was from the lack of sleep). I managed to squeeze in a bit of extra sleep before going to the HQ though :p

I got to the HQ at 6.45am and had breakfast with some of the crew. Everyone scheduled to be present turned up around 7am.

After feeding myself with Jackie’s yummy food, I went downstairs to continue editing while the others get ready to do the extra shoot. Then Dan came asked me to wake Cory up because we need his drawing skills in sketching up a ‘cute’ Cerberus. Haha!

Then tape from Caroline’s shoot with Jarrod with the birds and cat came for me to capture… I had that “Aaaaaawww… how cute!!!!!” moments while capturing it… and I couldn’t help it but I sat down and watched the entire tape while capturing. Haha!



Not too long after that we were downstairs at my apartment’s back door shooting the Apartment entrance scene. Luckily there weren’t many people walking pass, so at least we didn’t have hold off too much traffic while doing a take.

 Soon after that I was back on my editing machine, but it wasn’t until I finally put together EVERYTHING that we realized something horrible… our film was 11 minutes long!!!!!!! At this point Cameron and I were a tag team in editing, doing lots of cutting trying to squeeze it down to under 7 minutes, especially that we still had a few additions to be put into the movie. At this time the tape from Dan from additional shoot for close ups and cutaways came… oh boy… I was getting really nervous just thinking of putting them into the already 11 minutes long movie.


By lunch time the rest of the crew were upstairs watching “The Black Books” DVD and some were having a nap. I was so relieved to know that we’re almost there and could relax a bit :)

After lunch Jarrod came down to do the ruthless cutting with us… and guess what… we managed to get it down to 6 minutes 45 seconds!!!! That was around 2 or 3pm. A sigh of relief came from all around the room… and soon enough… it also came from upstairs when the rest received the news.

Although I have to say tho, at around about 4.30ish, I had this really sharp pain on my shoulder blade down to my right arm… it was then when I realized that the whole arm went quite numb down to the tip of my fingers, and the whole hand was shaking… luckily Cameron was nearby to replace me immediately until I got better…

But I have to say I was very thankfull that the machine hasn’t crashed once during the weekend… and I was COLOUR GRADING by 5pm while waiting for Jacob to come back from work to do the audio level.

Just after 6pm I did the final render, and by 6.20 I was exporting to mini dv tape. Had a slight drama, that was the computer not being able to link to the DV deck, but a good ol’ dv deck reboot did the job. We were all standing by with anticipation…. just before we finished the video transfer… Jacob noticed the mistake on the video we were exporting! Oh NO!!!!! But… we couldn’t risk it. I left with Jacob to the drop off with the tape, while Cameron fixed the mistake and render another copy to be dropped off later on.

We got to Te Whaea at 6.40pm… plenty of time… phew! Many people were there already, including my friend’s group who turned up just after us. After walking up and down like an iron, I saw the venue started to fill up and people started to run in and some were panicking because their tape hasn’t arrived yet… I didn’t panick at that point… knowing that our final film was already in my pocket, but I really would like to be able to hand in the fixed version. And… at 6.57 Caroline, Dan, Brylee and Patrick turned up with the tape. WOOHOO!!!! After making the switch, I handed in the paperwork and the tape in the envelope… AWESOME! So we headed off to get the drinks…

But before we got to the drinks… we heard the countdown so we decided to stay put and watch… and countdown with the crowd. It was really exciting to see people running and made in the nick of time. When the countdown reached zero a big cheer was heard…. so many hugs here and there… so many “OMG! We made it!!” were heard.

The drop off video…

 To give you a taste of what it was like… I’ve embedded the video from 48hours website… trust me… it felt way more intense than it looks. Click on the image on the left to view video (you’ll be taken outside of wordpress)

So yeah… we stayed at the venue for a bit before finally going back to the HQ to drink with them and clean up the place. We sat and talked about how exciting the whole weekend was… and for the ones who didn’t come with us to the drop off, we showed him a very short video I took from my digital still camera… so many people….

After cleaning up I did the working file back up… which took AGEEEEEESSSSS… I just wanted to go home at that point… I was soooo tired!

However…. we were very blessed by Wellington good weather during the shooting weekend! :D

Anyways…. that’s the end of the 48hours weekend… all went well… and we all had a lot of fun :)


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