Day 2 – Saturday, 17 May 2008

NOTE: Format of this post – The Process (overall & log of what happened on the day), then followed by photos and story from the day.

The process:



Morning briefing to make sure everyone knows what part they’re doing, etc, and how the day was planned to go.


This year audition was required since it was really necessary to choose the actor who suits the part best.


Cory’s talent was really useful in this competition. A lot of people I know actually skip the storyboard part and went straight to shooting. The way I see it, storyboard is one of the most important phase to be able to do the production effectively. Well done!


Not only storyboard, but we were in need of badge/logo for our movie

Various things

-Kelly started on her test for dog bite result

-I researched opening credits for a few reality shows related to our topic

-Set up


-Make up

The shoot

Van Shot (afternoon) – OUTDOOR (Inside the van)

Camera/s: Canon XL 2, Canon XL 1

Scene/s: Opening sequence & veteran vs newbie argument scene (I think that’s what I would call it anyway).

Crew: Cameron (Director), Dan (camera 1), Ditha (camera 2), Jacob (sound), Brylee (as Kerry), Muts (as Tom)

Necessary prop: HT

Apartment scene (late afternoon) – INDOOR

Camera/s: Canon XL 2, Canon XL 1

Scene/s: Inspection

Crew: Cameron (Director), Dan (camera 1), Ditha (camera 2), Jacob (sound), Brylee (as Kerry), Muts (as Tom), Patrick (as Jack)


Necessary prop: a brush, cat food box, cereal, torch, re-sealable plastic bag


Office scene (late afternoon) – INDOOR

Camera/s: Canon XL 2

Scene/s: HQ introduction & Sherree’s call (long take)

Crew: Cameron (Director), Dan (camera), Jacob (sound), Brylee (as Kerry), Muts (as Tom), Patrick (as Detective), Matt (as Operator), Jarrod

Necessary prop: a brush, re-sealable plastic bag, torch, office phone, sharpie, whiteboard, wanted posters, computers, desks

House scene (evening) – OUTDOOR

Camera/s: Canon XL 2

Scene/s: Rex’s attack (long take), snippets for opening scene

Crew: Cameron (Director), Dan (camera), Jacob (sound), Brylee (as Kerry), Muts (as Tom), Patrick (as detective), Lauren (as Sherree), Kelly (make up), Jackie, Jemma, Caroline, Jarrod, Fidel (rescued cat)

Necessary prop: torch, towel (for Lauren’s wound), gun


Record various things like ambience, sound effects, animal sounds (mimicked), etc to be used in the movie. Also record Brylee and Muts for the ending sequence.


Sound Effects & music

Create sound effects, ambience and to tie the whole film together.

Video & Sound (dialog) Editing

Rough edit was to be done before day 2 ended.

End of Day 2

Day 2 Story

So I woke up at around 5.30am to have a shower and be at the HQ by 6.30am (I planned to anyway). Crew call had been changed from 7am to between 6.30am – 7am. Well…. went into the HQ and was welcomed by the smell of coffee and some really YUMMY food that was coming from the mini oven :p Yeah…. Jemma and Jackie started way earlier than the rest of us…

YUMMY bacon frittatas were waiting for us!!! Jackie and Jemma were working so hard to get breakfast ready for us. And Lauren had a big pot of coffee ready for us at the table. Sooooo yummy! Oh yeah it was very filling! There’s nothing better than having a happy full tummy while working! :p

The writers then distributed the scripts, I liked it! It was really funny. Not too long after that Kelly came and was informed on what we would be doing.

Kelly then looked up images online for dog bites and successfully imitated one on her own arm as a test for tonight’s shooting. I think it looked bloody good!!! Made me cringed a bit. Haha.

While all that was happening, Cory made himself comfortable on the big table and spread his papers… yeah… continued storyboarding  Awesome. They all turned out great! And was really helpful!

So… after half hour of a test run on making a dog bite for Kelly, storyboarding and creating badge/logo for Cory and researching some videos for me, and lots of other tasks for the rest of the crew, we all went up to level 3 (where we had our last year’s 48hours filming) to hold the audition.

It was interesting… and quite funny seeing how each one of them portrayed the characters differently. But in the end we decided to give the Tom Prior part to Muts, Kelly Post to Brylee, Jack (the smuggler) to Pat and the dispatcher to Matt.

After that, everything went on pretty fast. The actors learnt their lines, got into costume, make up, the technical crew set up their gear, while I went to do graphic design stuff on the logo that Cory drew earlier – Cory also made some sketches (left in the picture below) to be used as “Animal Response Unit” logo/badge for the van and badges. Once he finished the concept, we used the best one and I vectorized it on Photoshop (right on the picture below)… yeah, I would’ve used Freehand as it’s more appropriate, but I can work with Photoshop a lot faster than in Freehand :p Turning sketch into vector graphics was harder than I remembered it (or maybe because it wasn’t my own sketch). But in the end I got it done in time for the shoot.

Kelly got into action and did a neck scar for the character “Tom Prior”. And oh boy… should’ve seen how real it looked on the big screen….

Van Shoot

Now… the set up was in the van. The boys put a few drapes at the back of the van and some straps, so Dan and I could strap ourselves in and hold the camera (2 camera shoot). Seemed a bit scary at first though… especially knowing that I get car sick quite easily. But I honestly was just really happy that I got to do some camera work again, although working with a Canon wasn’t easy since I’m used to Sony. Lol. Yeah, there were a lot of that “Where can I find the…” moments :p The camera was a lot easier to operate than I thought it would be, especially with the weight that allowed me to get steadier footage in a moving van.

At 12.03 we left the HQ in 2 separate vehicles (the van and Jacob’s car). Honestly I was nervous since it’s mid-day and not a single frame has been shot… yet…

Not too long after that (I started to feel quite sick by then) we got to a long straight road for the shoot. The next step was even worse. Dan and I would be planting ourselves on the drapes (to prevent us travelling from one end of the van to the other) and strapped ourselves in with camera on our shoulders. Jacob sat behind us with his headphones to look after audio level, and Cameron sat at the back with him with his monitor to see the shot and give directions.

After 20 minutes, I seriously was feeling sick, especially from looking through the camera. By the time we were on another location to shoot the next scene, I started to keep an eye out for public toilets. Lol. And apparently I wasn’t the only one :p

The next and last shoot on the van came along, by that time we were on the edge of battery lives, so we had to make it really quick. Maybe it was the pressure, but with 2 takes, we were out of there and on the way to Cam’s house where we were all racing to use the toilet  Haha.

Meanwhile… back at the HQ… the rest of the crew were waiting for us to get back enthusiastically… hehehehehe… yeah… they were pretty much sitting like this outside of our HQ patiently… hahahaha! :D


We got back to the HQ in time for our late lunch (chicken tacos or chickpeas for vegetarian option) before our next shoot. While that was happening, I ran a capture for the 2 tapes we shot on beforehand.

Apartment Shoot

After lunch, Cory, Caroline and I went to my place to get the lounge ready for the smuggler scene. After waiting awhile, the crew arrive and we were ready to go. Caroline and Cory left the building to give us more room to work with.

All windows had to be closed, and being in the same room with 2 redheads, and 7 people in the apartment wasn’t really pleasant. I was gasping for air after the first 10 minutes.

For this shoot Cameron who was directing and also was taking care of my cables and I had to hide in the bathroom with the doors closed and lights off. The bathroom itself was already hot without the fan on! Argh… so yeah… many times I hit the door when Cam opened it, and at one time the cable got stuck on the toiletries tray that had to be moved inside the bathroom. Lol. After a few takes then it was Dan’s turn who kept knocking things off. Lol. It was also quite disorientating to get out of the pitch black bathroom and it took me awhile to find my subject to shoot (Muts) coz I was looking at the whole picture through the camera and it needed a bit of time to focus. So yeah… it was interesting. But we finally got it down when it just turned dark outside.

We got back to the HQ to have a quick dinner and I started editing the first batch capture, while the others shoot the Office scene.

Office Scene

At least I can sit this one out and edit the film since it would be a long take done from Dan’s camera. The office was set up at the 2nd level at our HQ. I pretty much spent almost the whole Office scene shoot time downstairs doing some rough cuts. And by the time I went back upstairs, they were almost done with the shoot.


Not long after Lauren came back with a few Nando’s paper bag, I could see the frustration in her face and soon found out why…. there was a sea of people at Nando’s and they had ran out of ¼ chicken!!!! WOW! 48hours sure did clean them out nicely. Luckily Jackie made some extra roast chicken… coz we surely didn’t have enough Nando’s chicken. Yeah, we actually advanced ordered the chicken early in the morning (10.30AM) to be picked up in the afternoon (I forgot what time) and they still ran out of chicken. Oh well… at least we still got some yummy chicken :p And Jackie made a really really really NICE roast chicken!!!!

The House Scene

Well… it was after dinner and was dark outside… I sat this one out to edit. The rest went to Caroline’s house to get the shoot done. Prior to that Kelly was working on Lauren’s arm to get the dog bite make up done… it looks amazing!!!!

This is how it looked like when the crew was about to leave the HQ…

And after the final touches… this is how it looked like for the shoot…

Anyway…. at least I got to see the fun they’re having from the footage… hahaha! And some to show from the pictures taken on set :)

What’s that? You need tears??? Bring on the onion!!!!

I swear… no animals were hurt….

Editing madness

I was not exactly looking forward to sync up the audio to both footage from 2 separate cameras. It is such a long process and definitely hurting the eyes. Hahaha. But I’ve had quite a lot of luck this year with this, since there were many times when I dragged the video on top of the other video track that’s linked to the audio, and it fell perfectly in sync or just a few frames off. But of course, it didn’t happen all the time, I did have trouble trying to sync a few of the tracks.

I think it was midnight or sometimes around, that the House Scene crew came back from the shoot. Jacob went to his editing machine and started the dialogue edit. Kelly showed me photos of how the final dog bite looks like… and… OMG! I almost asked, “Is Lauren ok?????”. It looked like it hurt so much! Lol. Dan came with the tape and warned me about the hilarious content on the tape, and I also heard about Lauren’s outstanding performance from the crew. Without wasting anymore time, I captured the tape… and no doubt, I was laughing hard out soon after. I have to say though, Lauren did pull a really good “Sherree”. Good ol’ onion! :p


Back to the editing, by 3am I finished the rough cut, or so I thought, until Alastair came in with the finale.wav for the closing… then I clicked “Oh dear… I forgot that scene!”, and after that there were some bits and pieces on other scenes that I’ve forgotten as well. Ouch. Yeah, my brain was asleep already by then :p

So…. I think it was at 4.15am that we finally finished for the day… haha… with the rough cut finished and all files backed up on a DVD, we all went home. We pretty much didn’t really get to sleep until 5am. About 1.5 hours or so before I had to be back at the HQ.


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